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Touchdown Email App no longer works

Thursday 14th of January 2010 /
I downloaded the Touchdown app since we could not get our droids to sync with our Exchange email account. Touchdown worked very well for several weeks with no hiccups.Now all of a sudden, it no longer gets new emails/appointments and gives me a message that says :TouchDown error, Host is unresolved: "name of exhange server"I was using the free trial version of the TouchDown, and it continued to work fine after the trial version expired. Now it doesn't sync at all. No settings have been altered on our network. Anyone have any idea what the fix is?

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Tuesday 17th of November 2009 /
I have been using the native email app for both synching with my exchange outlook server and handling a seperate POP email account. This works fine for most of my needs, but I have a few glitches that I'm trying to figure out.I would like to be able to sync my outlook exchange task list and the standard email app doesn't do thisI would like to have my email sorted in the same order with subfolders as I have on my PC, but the Hero sorts the folders in random order without proper sub folder hierarcy.I would like to have some flexibility in how my contacts are sorted and displayed.Is anyone using Touchdown on their Sprint Hero? How do you like it? and does it address these issues?Any help would be appreciated Steve

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Nitro Desk Touchdown - Page 4

Wednesday 01st of February 2012 /
Originally Posted by chashoodI just uninstalled Touchdown on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.0.2, then reinstalled the newest version from the Market called "Touchdown for Smartphones." (version 7.something) It shows on my screen as Touchdown for Android 2.0, but worked fine right after I installed it. However, now I am getting the error "Push Suspended--too many timeouts in one minute," and it won't download the latest emails from my corporate Exchange server. It worked fine for a couple years on my former Motorola Droid (the previous version). I'm using the same Touchdown license that I paid for two years ago. The new Touchdown app was installed using ActiveSync with SSL. My IT folks don't have a clue. Any suggestions? Thanks. chashoodI am using the same version on my Galaxy Nexus with 0 problems. hate to ask a dumb question, but could you have another device where the password has not been reset after expiring?

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Searching Exchange Server

Tuesday 16th of April 2013 /
I am using the default Samsung email app but I had the same issue with touchdown. When I try to search for emails on my exchange server the search results come up with nothing. I don't know if I need to change something on outlook or my phone but I need to be able to search old emails (ie emails that I have put into a PST folder). Is there a way to keep a copy on the exchange server? The iPhone people seem to have no problem doing this. My IT person doesn't know android. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Sent from my SGH-T889 using Tapatalk 2

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Droid - Cannot connect to Exchange Server after 2.2 Update

Saturday 21st of August 2010 /
I got the upgrade to 2.2 earlier this week on my Moto Droid. I haven't been able to get my email or calender working since. My IT guy at work does not have a solution for me. It is not an issue with the corporate server. My phone just shows an error that says it cannot connect to the exchange server for the email and calender functions. I turned the phone off and restarted a couple times, didn't work. I tried removing and re-installing my exchange account (bad idea). VZ Wireless had no answer. Motorola had a wait time of 2-3 hours for their technical support. Please help. I have been using the Touchdown app for a temporary fix. Please help! I do not want to have to sit on the Motorola tech line for 2 hours.

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Using touchdown app with exchange server?

Monday 22nd of February 2010 /
Can someone walk me through the process.I downloaded the free version of touchdown, since my company does not currently support the droid.I am not sure if I am using it correctly.Any been there done that advice?

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Exchange Email Question

Saturday 05th of June 2010 /
Hello all, I am a new droid owner coming off of a Blackberry Storm. To be honest, I like the droid but am not as impressed as I thought I would be. One of my biggest problems has been getting my work exchange email set up. I have discovered that the only way I can do this is with a third party app such as Touchdown. Once I downloaded Touchdown, I was immediately able to set up my work email without problem. I am dissapointed that I cannot do this directly on my phone. I guess I don't understand why Touchdown makes it so simple, but I spent hour trying to use the native droid app and could not get it to work. I kept getting some weird error like "your phone does not have the security features needed to connect to the exchange server". I found that this is a known issue and the only resolution is to install Touchdown or another 3rd party app. The Storm was much easier to set up work email using the Blackberry native application. One of the big things I like about the droid is that it appears as if it will be supported for a long time. BlackBerry has already stopped supportin

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Moto X exchange client questions

Sunday 01st of September 2013 /
For anyone using the Moto X stock exchange client, would you be so kind as to answer a couple of questions:1) Can you select which exchange folders sync?2) Can you view emails from all folders in a view. For example, Touchdown and HTC sense exchange have a view for all mail regardless of what folder they are in. Thus if you have server side filters you can see emails without manually checking each mailbox (nightmare).3) Is there a thread view?4) Is there a built in app to view/edit tasks?5) Can you get to the exchange email "draft" folder, and if so, can you edit/send from this folder? I've had issues on other clients.6) Any issues with setting up meetings from the device itself and can you add people to invites after the meeting is setup? Again..I've had issues with other clients. I'll likely end up using Touchdown but would like to get some visibility into the stock experience. I've read elsewhere about some other issues around moving emails and the read/unread status not changing but this might not be a show stopper in my specific case. Thanks in advance for any input.

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Exchange Server Removes/Blocks/Hides Apps on Galaxy S4

Friday 14th of February 2014 /
When I connect to the email exchange at my office, my email syncs up wonderfully. However, once connected every non stock app on the phone disappears. The short cuts go away. The app icons go away and they are no longer visible from "Application Manager"The second you disconnect from the exchange, everything comes back.It's the same issue for everyone here with either a Galaxy S4 and I believe a few people with the note have this issue.No one else has problems with this when connecting to the exchange. They recommend using Touchdown to connect, but it's not my favorite app.I assume it has something to do with the exchange security, but why just the Galaxy? Our IT is unsure as well.Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Exchange available on ATT but not VZW?

Wednesday 27th of August 2014 /
I've got an AT&T Moto X for work that's setup to sync with our Exchange server using the stock Android email app. It seems to work well, although I purchased Touchdown for my personal Verizon Moto X and have been using that. Lately, Touchdown has become a battery hog, so I uninstalled it and attempted to setup my Verizon phone to connect to Exchange just like my work phone. To my surprise, it doesn't look like this is possible. Here's a screenshot from my personal Verizon Moto X when trying to setup a new Corporate account: And from my work AT&T Moto X: Both phones are running 4.4.4 . Any ideas why I wouldn't be able to setup Exchange on my VZW phone? Thanks.

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