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Galaxy S3 on Straight Talk in my area?

Wednesday 16th of January 2013 /
I just purchased an AT&T GSM Galaxy S3 and I plan on getting a micro SIM card from straight talk to use it. Now my real question is I live in Craig, CO 81625 and on the straight talk website it says my area is unsupported for the micro SIM. Although I can put in an alternate zip and override it when I go to purchase it and get it anyways. I checked AT&T's coverage map for my area and they are partnered on Verizon towers here. So will this work? My little brother bought a Proclaim directly from Straight Talk and gets 3G coverage down here, only problem was when he tethered it for a laptop they killed his service till he called them. Does Straight talk use CDMA at all? I thought it was only GSM.

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Please help!! Switching to straight talk....can i use my current phone with the new provider?

Tuesday 04th of June 2013 /
Hi everyone, I am desperately hoping someone here can help answer some questions for me, I am very torn if switching is a good idea and if I can "unlock" my Samsung GS3 from US Cellular to make it work with straight talk service. Recently, the sprint network bought out US Cell, which is the main carrier in my area along with Verizon, and I have been beyond unhappy with all the changes. Some family and friends have switched to straight talk and love it so I am considering doing the same since it would save me about $80 a month with no apparent changes in reception, speed, etc. I am in no way very tech savy and wanted to ask some of you "experts" if this would work. I have the S3 from US Cell and was told that I could find out online how to unlock it and then apply straight talk service to it? I don't want to assume that would work and nobody at straight talk wants to give me an answer so thats where you all come in Also, will I lose all of my info if I do that to the phone? Any help or info you guys can pass along would be so appreciated!

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Verizon S3 to Straight Talk

Sunday 25th of August 2013 /
I have an gsm S3 from verizon,and I want to go to Straight Talk because I'm sick of paying $150 a mnth for service,and constantly being told I'm going over 8gb of data, How do I unlock the phone? I've been trying to research on how to,and have a few blogs and such,but I can't find certain files like clockwork mod recovery. I'm not too sure how to do this, so please,if anyone can post a link, destructions, etc, It'd be appreciated. Also,I have searched here,but I get nosebleeds trying to understand what's what.I'm not a technological inept fool,but smart phone hacking is a brand new game to me,so I would like some guidance. Thanks

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galaxy s3 to Straight Talk

Saturday 07th of September 2013 /
i have a galaxy s3 that is a verizon phone but I called straight talk and they told me that I can buy a card and swap it over to their service. Is this true and is it just that easy? Does my phone have to be unlocked or flashed over or whatever the termonology is? Also can I use the normal 45.00 plan and not the 90.00. Plan?

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change signal from sprint to verizon but stay with straight talk

Sunday 08th of September 2013 /
I just bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 for straight talk, it is running on the Sprint network (a fact I did not realize before purchasing). I don't have sprint coverage in my area, but have great Verizon coverage. Is it possible to make this phone use the Verizon tower signals and continue to use straight talk service? BTW, I have 2 straight talk phones, each different... one is the afore mentioned and the other is an LG Optimus Dynamic which feels like a toy phone in comparison, but gets great coverage where I am. I don't want to keep two phones active. Can't I make the galaxy think it is the LG and get the Verizon coverage with the awesomeness that is the S3. I reeeeeeaaaaallllyyy love this new S3, please don't make me go back to the LG toy phone, puuuuhhhlleeeeeeze!!! (falling to the floor dramatically) Thank you!

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Verizon S3 on Straight Talk Via GSM / Calls coming in as International?! ='(

Monday 19th of May 2014 /
"The international call you are attempting to place is not allowed from this line. Please dial 00 for operator assistance or call 611 for Customer Service." Message 26G3XXX" This is the error message I get when attempting to return calls via my recent call list. The numbers are local, they are in the same town as me. I am located in the United States. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S3 from Verizon on Straight talk via GSM on a micro sim card. The phone works fine, I am able to call people, use data and mms after setting up the apn. But when I receive calls the phone automatically places them in my call list with a + in front of the number like, +6035550555. Even if I save the number in my contacts, the number still comes up as international with the + in front. I have tried saving the number with two number entries, the primary number being without the + and the secondary being the + to hopefully override the listing in the recent call list. I have verified in the call settings --> Other call settings --> Current country - United States of America. So a quick ove

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Verizon SGS3 to Straight Talk for unlimited talk, text, data, and tethering

Tuesday 29th of July 2014 /
Because my Verizon S3 has tethering capabilities, does anyone know if I can switch to straight talk and keep all of my features? I want to keep my number and be able to tether, for I am a college student and do homework and studying on the go. I am past tired of getting screwed by Verizon and would like unlimited talk, text, data, and tethering capabilities. Is this possible or am I living in a dream world? If it's possible will the data speeds even be worth it?

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S3 sprint to straight talk question.

Friday 29th of August 2014 /
I have a sprint samsung galaxy s3 i purchased at a yard sale. the IMEI came back clean on swappa. I want to try to use this phone with straight talks CDMA BYOP program.I contacted straight talk on their live chat support, gave them the imei and my zip code. they said that it would work. i went to purchase the network access code, and everything went through (as in i was given the option to buy the access code). i decided to wait and ask this question before i got the code.The phone is originally though sprint. I am fairly certain the device will work with straight talk because their customer service claimed it would. However the device would still receive sprint reception even with straight talk. Is it possible to use a program to flash the device to verizon signal with a program that offers page plus flashing(since page plus uses verizon signal), and then buy the network access code and activate on straight talk?

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Verizon S3 Roaming

Wednesday 15th of October 2014 /
I have a Verizon S3 on Straight Talk. I travel to a area that is only covered buy Verizon Prepaid Roaming quite often. Is there anyway to get service in this area?

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Verizon Galaxy S3 to Straight Talk

Sunday 02nd of November 2014 /
Okay first off, I am sorry if this is already been covered. I did a quick search and came up close but not what I needed.The wife and I are tired of paying verizons extreamly high prices. So she sugessted we go to Straight Talk. I opted to be the guinea pig and got a Straight Talk starter pack. I know I know so no need to say should have just bought the sim. Well I got the phone up and running, well everything but data. I am on edge data right now which is so slow. I called and talked to Straight Talk and they said the reason I am on edge and not 4g is because I am using a Verizon phone with a AT&T sim card. Well that makes sense. So They said i need to buy a AT&T GS3 if I want o have my 4G data, makes sense again. 1) is there a way to get 4g data speeds using a Verizon phone and a AT&T sim?2) If I bout a AT&T Galaxy S3 would I have complete function of DATA, Phone, and Text?Once again sorry If this question is asked over and over again.

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