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Android’s Top 20 Hottest Apps : June 28th-July 5th

Monday 05th of July 2010 /
Hottest Apps in Past 24HrsFreeX-Ray ScannerNEWby KreCi.netThis application utilizes your built in camera to generate infrared x-ray radiation… Just joking It will help you …10,000-50,000 downloads, Rating 3.68 (148)FreeLaser Reflectionsby tripleHThis is a laser-light-mirror reflecting and addictive game. You have to redirect the laser with mirrors to point at a li …50,000-250,000 downloads, Rating 4.04 (1536)€0.79Masturbator Proby teknoraverTurn your phone into a vibrator! You can select many vibration types …100-500 downloads, Rating 5.00 (1)FreeGoogle Maps Address BookUPDATEDby WebcipeNeed an address book to store locations for Google Map so that you don’t have to hit the recently used keyword list from …50,000-250,000 downloads, Rating 4.47 (601)Freephone finderUPDATEDby William BellVersion 1.0.12 – Added enable/disable of fetch-it lite. When you have lost your phone in your house and it is on vibrat …50,000-250,000 downloads, Rating 4.47 (679)FreeStatsUPDATEDby Sebastian Schuler*More devices and languages!* With Stats you keep track of various usage

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Android + Device Built Into Handlebars = Bike Navigation Evolved

Sunday 06th of January 2013 /
In a very awesome and useful display of the innovative genius that we've come to expect from Android developers and modders, Interaction Designer (how awesome does that sound?) Michael Fretz and his team have come up with a bicycle navigation system that can only be described as ingenious. The awkwardly named Punkt.Fizen is a truly creative, original idea that utilizes the power of the Android platform and the versatility of the Arduino.When I first read about the idea, I wasn't too sure about it but, after reading the intro and description, I got interested:How does one orient oneself while biking, for example as a tourist? You certainly will read traffic signs, ask people for direction or use a tourist-map. But at least the last example will force you to stop the bike. How could we provide a navigation, where the flow remains undisturbed? The user will need a very unimposing feedback where to go.Punkt.Fizn is an Android and Arduino powered bike navigation system. Unlike most navigation systems we didn’t focus on a display. Instead directions will be given only through vibrat

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Quick Tip: Boot Motorola Droid Into Safe Mode – Droid Life

Monday 22nd of March 2010 /
Over the weekend, we asked Droid Life readers for their input on how to solve a force close loop that many users were running into while testing out the new HelixLauncher.  It was pretty amazing to see the number of responses in just a short amount of time and I hope that everyone experiencing that issue stumbled onto that post as it provided you with a number of options to ease your pain.One of the most important tips brought up throughout the discussion was the option to boot your phone into “safe mode” to cut off and uninstall the launcher.  For those of you not familiar with “safe mode” just look it as a way to use your phone in a completely bare bones fashion.  Safe mode can save you in many instances should you run into an issue on your device.So how do we boot into “safe mode”?1.  Power off your device.2.  Slide open the keyboard and power on by holding power and “menu” at the same time.(Use the menu key on the physical keyboard.)3.  Continue holding the menu key until you get to the Droid eye.4. The phone should now vibrat

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San Francisco 2 bootup problem

Friday 20th of April 2012 /
Hi,Forgive my ignorance, I'm a total newbie at android, this one being my first.Got the phone a couple of days ago, decided against faffing about to get it unlocked, so paid a shop a tenner, job done. When I got the phone, it worked fine, just before I took it to the shop, it got stuck on the android logo, flashing and vibrating intermittently. Gave it to the shop and they unlocked the phone no problems.So, phone worked well, once I'd figured out what my carrier setting were! (on three), charged it off the PC, unplugged and it was back at the flashing android.took out battery, replaced, still the same...eventually I took out the SD card, sim and battery, left it unplugged for about 5 mins, replaced the battery and restarted. Phone worked.Put sim and SD back in, still worked and everything was dandy.Installed Endomondo app yesterday, install went ok, no sign of problems. ran it to log in, again, no problems.So, used it this morning, it ran for about a minute then stopped tracking. I noticed after only one music track had played, then silence.All I got from there is intermittent vibrat

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How to enable FM Radio?

Thursday 11th of November 2010 /
I have Samsung Galaxy S Vibrat (T-Mobile) and i am unable to find out FM radio appliaction in it. Could any one please let me know how to enable FM radion out put in Galaxy S Vibrant (T-Mobile)

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Vibrat $50 @Costco. +Free Assesories (8/19-9/12)

Wednesday 18th of August 2010 /
Starting 8/19-9/12/2010 Costco Wholesale will offer the Vibrant for $50, after instant savings and mail in rebate. Disclaimer: (I'm basing this off their current 199 new customer/upgrade pricing, unless they decide to switch it up on the 19th) Details:-Samsung Vibrant new or upgrading customers with data package. If you are upgrading, you can keep your current rate plan, but you need to add data if you don't have it.-Free Assesories Car Charger, Case, Bluetooth (cheap china chunk, probably worth 5 bucks)-90 Day return/exchange (more on this below)-35 dollar activation fee waived! *credit applied to your bill within 3 months for NEW LINES.*-18 dollar upgrade fee applies to upgrades New or upgrade price with data package. Both require 2yr contract. Eearly Term Fees apply.199.99 (unless they raise this on the 19th)-100 instant with coupon-50 mail in rebate--------------------$50 bucks Total Cost, plus tax on full retail 479.99 Details on 90 day return, it comes with a caveat. After 30 days in California, and 14 days in other states, you are locked into T-Mobiles contract. However, Costc

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Notifications are Killing me! please help!!!

Monday 02nd of January 2012 /
I have had my phone for a few weeks and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to shut off a notification I am getting every 10-15 mins. It occurs when it goes to the lock screen I think. On vibrat, it gives two long vibrates then a short one. It usually then gives me the weather animations on the lock screen. I have into every app I can think of including weather and shut off notifications. I have gone into settings and shut them off as best I could. I am wondering if I can download a silint notification and set all my notification to that. I consider myself pretty savvy dealing with these things but now I am starting to wonder....Any help would be extremely appreciated by me and my wife that now hates my phone since it vibrates all night. I can't silence it as I am on call. As a work around I have installed an app that allows certain numbers to ring thru while phone is muted but this requires me to add certain number to th app One at a time. If someone else calls nothing happens. Not ideal. Thanks again!!

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After falling my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 charged very late

Sunday 23rd of June 2013 /
Hello friends , Yesterday while taking my phone out of my pocket it fall, it was working quite well but today morning at 6 am when I plugged to socket to charge until 12:30 pm it had charged just 93% while before it was charging 100% in just 2 to 3 hours.One more problem it has , since I bought and installed some apps on it , the not ringing problem started. It's on ringing mode but doesn't and in vibrat mode it doesn't vibrate , meanwhile sometimes it work.If anyone how to solve this problem please write me. Iqbal

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Thursday 15th of August 2013 /
ow do I set up vibrate on my pendo pad 4.0

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Motorcycle Enthusiast Heads-Up ( Duo Camera Issue !! )

Wednesday 30th of April 2014 /
I have posted this on Google+ without real feedback and I have only been able to find one other person that is getting a similar problem.Basically, If you mount the M8 on a Motorcycle, after riding there is a major issue with the Rear Camera Shaking and making a static/buzzing noise.Both myself and the other gentlemen posts are below. I have not heard back as he is on the Verizon forum. My service is thru AT&T but the results are exactly the same and both he and I have since had the M8 replaced under warranty only to have the second phone do the same thing.Originally, I had thought this was a power adapter issue as I had it plugged into the bike power tether. I also thought it could have gotten wet on the bike as I was riding in light rain but the AT&T DSC Support Tech says it is good to go. I still need to followup with the support group on the condition of the M8 I returned to verify there is no water. Today was the first day that I rode with the new M8 shipped to me and I had no power cord attached, just my Earbuds attached and that's it. I am isolating this down to Vibrat

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