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Youtube or streaming video stops after screen lock

Sunday 14th of October 2012 /
From the starting of the nexus 7 use, I found this annoying thing about youtube videos or all the video streaming. after the screen lock, when I turn on the screen, the streaming gets canceled and the buffering starts again. Let's say I'm watching a 20 minute video, and i usually pause the video till the buffering is completed, and my screen locks after 30 seconds ,during that 30 seconds about 5 minutes of the video is loaded and screen is when I remove the scren lock and play the video, it starts to buffer again from starting. I thought may be one of battery saving app is causing the problem ,while trying to save battery but then I formatted the nexus 7 and realized its not the I'm on 4.1.2.I want to know if it's only happening to me or a common problem and is there is any way to fix this problem. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Android Central Forums

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Video Buffering

Monday 12th of April 2010 /
I am using a usb tether and it seems all video keeps buffering when I try to watch anything. It plays for a few seconds then buffers again. You Tube, Netflix, etc....Is there any way to improve this?Also, different topic....Pinch to zoom with 2.1 - how the heck can you scroll a screen without it zooming in and out?

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Youtube Buffering on Nexus 7

Thursday 07th of March 2013 /
Buffering HD videos on the default youtube app on my Nexus 7 is terrible. Basically, it will buffer up to about 10-15 seconds of the video, and then stop buffering, so when the video catches up, it has to pause while it buffers the next few seconds. It makes watching HD videos quite literally unbearable. It's not my internet, I can watch the youtube videos fine on my computer, and on the Nexus, I can watch Netflix, Vimeo, Blip, & other HD videos just fine as well - just not youtube. I've been searching for answers everywhere. The two most commonly-recommended solutions are:1 - uncheck your Wi-Fi optimization (in Advanced Wi-Fi settings), &2 - Reinstall the youtube app. I have done both of these, and neither works for me. Some people on the various message boards say one or the other works, but then invariably always come back later and say "it's not working again." So, are there any other solutions I'm missing, and has anyone here figured anything out? It's pretty damned ridiculous that Google's flagship device can't play their freakin flagship video service...

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Youtube application buffering problems

Sunday 08th of May 2011 /
Hi I'm having lots of problems with video buffering in the youtube application Anyone else is experiencing the same problem? youtube tube it's kind of useless like this!!!!! Any ideas or suggestions? Enviado desde mi A500 usando Android Tablet Forum

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video buffering/loading problem makes video watching impossible.. - Android Development - Android Forum - A Community For Android Users and Enthusiasts

hi there ,recently after the death of my laptop, i decide to dust off my handy android tablet, a 2.3.1 honeycomb. unfortunately one problem that remains constant is the inability to buffer/load videos whilst paused, which makes watching any lengthy video on any site impossible to watch.if i attempt to watch a long-ish video it stutters, pauses and buffers, which is what typically happens on a laptop due to the average internet speeds in the area. only difference is that when i pause it, it will buffer/load for no longer than 3 minutes before giving up for good, so my only option is to refresh the screen or watch the 3 minutes...then refresh the screen anyway..ive tried all available browsers, searched google endlessly for some kind of non-youtube-centric non-answer and i've checked for updates, looked for adjustments on the adobe flash plug in, empited cache, reset... pretty much everything i can knowingly do and nothing tell me, is there any way to fix this , such as forcing my android to buffer as with any laptop/pc or is this just a permanent issue with said devicesthanky

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Slow video streaming?

Tuesday 19th of February 2013 /
I've been watching a bunch of movies and tv shows on my N10 that I've rented/bought from the Google Play store since i got it for Christmas. Up until the last few days or week, I didn't have any problems streaming the videos over my wifi network at home, smooth playback, very convenient! However, since late last week, I've haven't been able to watch more than a few seconds of video without it stopping and buffering. I cleared the cache, tried using different networks, restarted the tablet, tried different shows/episodes/movies etc and still have not been able to get it to work for more than a few seconds. I've tried streaming my rented shows from the Google Play store or app on my laptop and Galaxy S3 over my wifi network at home without any issues, nice and smooth no buffering on both. Streaming video through the Youtube app on my N10 is also slower than it had been but not nearly as bad as through Google Play. Any ideas what might be causing the issues with streaming video? Any chance this could be related to upgrading to 4.2.2?

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Video Playback constantly buffering

Sunday 30th of June 2013 /
I have been using the LG OGP since launch and I have noticed that whenever I am watching video either via YouTube or imbedded in a website the video plays for a few seconds and then buffers, repeating this over & over!! This happens both on my wifi connection at home and over the at&t LTE network, if I go back to watch the same video on my laptop video plays without a single buffer. My last device was a Note 2 and I never experienced the constant video buffering issue, any suggestion would be gladly appreciated. Also on a different note, when streaming pandora on the LG OGP the music playback is not as smooth. Am I the only one experiencing these issues with the OGP?

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HTC One - Video Buffering problems

Thursday 15th of August 2013 /
When trying to watch video's on my HTC One (You Tube and others), the video pauses and buffers every 10-15 seconds. Tried to uninstall You Tube and also downloaded MX Player from the Play Store without success. Does anyone have a solution to resolve this issue??

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Searching and Buffering

Friday 27th of June 2014 /
This is actually 2 questions1. Can I search for local contents; i.e. without going to the web? I'm trying to find something on the phone! I suspect that I could use a file manager but isn't there an easier way?2. I am constantly frustrated by the "buffering" that takes place when I am streaming podcasts. I have to wonder why a streaming option is even offered if more time is spent in buffering than playing. It makes me think something is wrong with my setup.I have wifi and I stream video from Netflix to my TV and Android tablet and it rarely buffers; but when I try to stream on my phone buffering occurs every 30 or 40 seconds and make it impossible to follow the material.

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Video Buffering problem Archos Gamepad 2

Wednesday 10th of September 2014 /
Hello,I have a problem and I hope you can help me. I own an Archos Gamepad 2 now for a few months and I am actually very satisfied with it. Gaming is very good, surfing is ok too.However when I want to buffer a video (either from Youtube or from apps with which you can watch programs you have missed) it buffers a lot, actually this much that it makes watching videos undoable.The strange fact is, that if I watch television live on my tablet (programms running on that moment via the app of my tv provider, via the web) I have no problems. However when watching videos that are buffered I goed very slow.When I use the same sites for watching videos on my laptop there is no problem so to my opinion the internet connection (wifi) is not the problem.At first I thought it was my download speed on the archos tablet which is slowed (when doing speed test) then on my phone (xperia play) or laptop. However when I download a large app, a game for instance, I get download speeds of a bout 1 megabyte.I hope you can help me!Thanks in advance,Fraevers

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