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Visual Land Prestige 7 and Google Play?

Tuesday 01st of May 2012 /
I bought my mother this tablet for Mother's Day, and I wanted to have it set up before I gave it to her. She'll mostly be using the tablet for Kindle reading, however I don't have access to the Google Play market to get a full range of the apps I know she would enjoy as well. The Amazon market just doesn't cut it :P How would I go about getting Google Play on this tablet? I tried installing the apk itself and it would run for a short while, but when I went to download something it said "Google Play must close" or something like that. Any help would be nice

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Greetings, I am a new member, can someone guide me to rooting?

Monday 04th of June 2012 /
Hello, I am new to the forum. My wife has a smartphone but I don't. I recently purchased a Visual Land Prestige 7 which has an ARM A8 processor and 4.0.3 ICS. I have successfully modded it with Google Play and Google Play works great now.I am now interested in rooting it, performed a search and didn't see much about my device.The reason I am interested in rooting it is to use the tablet to communicate with my car. My tablet has wifi, but no bluetooth.In order to use a OBDII WIFI dongle, I have to have an "ad-hoc" capable tablet (iPad). It seems if I root my Android tablet,I can install a wifi tethering application with ad-hoc abilities, which then could communicate with a wifi OBDII dongle plugged into my car's obdii port.I have a usb OBDII cable, but my device does not seem to be able to communicate with it for some reason. I can use a mouse and keyboard withmy device, but a hardwired usb OBDII device does not seem to want to communicate with the tablet.Any guidance to get me in the right direction for a set of instructions to root my specific device would greatly be appre

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Visual Land Prestige 7 and Google Play? - Page 2

Wednesday 27th of June 2012 /
Ok, at the risk of creating a 150 dollar electric brick (only because I don't know what I'm doing ). I ventured out to figure this out. In the 7z file of IceCreamSandwich-4.0.3-Google-Play-Script is the USB-Driver 7z, this is what they are referencing.. SO..Download the IceCreamSandwich-4.0.3-Google-Play-Script.7z file from [SCRIPTS] - Allwinner A10 Tablets Google Play Script - as indicated above.Connect Prestige 7 via USBPowered-ON and enable USB Debugging & Stay AwakeExtract the all files/folders from IceCreamSandwich-4.0.3-Google-Play-Script.7z to (anywhere but I used Desktop for ease and convenience)Double-click or execute the 3.Google-Play.bat fileNOW, when I was asked which Allwinner I had, i just select the C option other Allwinner and it installed just fine after a reboot of my Prestige 7.. BUT READ THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOUR SELF FOR MORE INFORMATION. Some things to note.. It threw another Calendar in my apps.. so I 2 now instead of 1.. I'll figure out how to correct that later but for now.Anyways, WOO HOO I HAVE GOOGLE APPS ...Thanks guys for the directio

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