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Got a samsung vibrant on my possession - Page 2

Sunday 25th of July 2010 /
So you have to copy data to the card outside the phone and then put it in the phone ? Originally Posted by TanknspankThe phone cannot access the sd card while the phone is mounted to the computer. That is what it sounds like happened to you.Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk

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We've got a Mesmerize, throw questions at us! - Page 2

Monday 29th of November 2010 /
looking for OS for mesmerize....?

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A couple of questions about CM7 - Page 2

Friday 10th of June 2011 /
I mostly use DT (alt version). I flash CM7, then DT, then gapps. I have my own custom gapps, which I need to tweak, because lately it won't let me install DT on top of it, which is why I flash DT first. It doesn't really seem to matter, but now I know the problem is there, it will slowly eat away at me... xDI've tried a few other options, like the Market apps S2E and Link2sd. I've also tried changing the internal partition sizes on my phone to make use of the unused 90gb of /cache. DT is the one I trust the most...

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is getting a tablet worth it at all? - Page 2

Tuesday 01st of March 2011 /
I see a market for it. If I was in the market for a computer, for me, one to supplement my cell phone, I'd look at tablets first. Android, since I have a Droid all ready and like Android. I bought a netbook before tablets (or iPads) were out. I just wanted something small enough for websurfing, writing, playing games on. I didn't need anything large, even in memory or battery life. Now that some of these tablets can connect to keyboard (like the Samsung Galaxy tab) I think these would outsell netbooks or small laptops. I thought I'd try the Kindle on my netbook, but it's too much trouble on there. I didn't even read a novel on it. A tablet would be perfect for that, although I use my Droid for reading, web surving, etc., more then my netbook now. So again, if I was in the market for a new computer it would probably be a tablet.

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Anyone got a OG Droid up for trade? - Page 2

Tuesday 25th of January 2011 /
A D2 for a DX would better trade but you would have the same Locked Bootloader issue as you do with the X

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A couple of questions.... Rooted Nook - Page 2

Wednesday 16th of March 2011 /
This is just beginning Rhonda, pure awesomeness is on the way.I know typing with real keyboard would be nice compared to touch screen : would love it and work faster. All the best

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We've got a Mesmerize, throw questions at us! - Page 3

Thursday 30th of August 2012 /
Im stuck in the same boot loop and my computer wont recognize my phone so that I could use odin to flash my phone back to stock ive held all 3 buttons down and let go at the 2nd flash... still nothing please someone help..... thanks so I took my mesmerize to us cellular they told me that their computers could'nt find my phone and that my phone is bricked any suggestions please help me

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Just got Evo lots of questions need help! - Page 2

Thursday 21st of October 2010 /
Originally Posted by Lord Vader A new EVO owner here. Some questions to which I can't seem to find the answers... 1. When sending texts, Emails, etc., do I have to press the "123" key to switch to the 123 mode from the ABC mode in order to use symbols like "!", "?", "@", etc.? This is a real pain in the @ss. Just long press on the letter which contains the symbol you want and it will change automatically. 2. How do I forward an SMS msg to another SMS recipient? Again long press on the text in the message and a box with that option will pop up. 3. Is there a notification light, like there was on the BlackBerrys, to let me know when I got a new Email or SMS/MMS message? I realize I can have notification sounds for these, but this isn't always practical, like when the phone's charging on my night stand while I sleep. Not that I've discovered 4. For some odd reason, there is an old Email sitting in my main Email box. I have deleted that God knows how many times, yet every time new Emails come in, that dang, old Email is there right along

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I consider myself a "dumbass" at times..... - Page 2

Wednesday 28th of July 2010 /
yes you can still mount your sd card after wiping data while in recovery mode.

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Moved from iphone 5s to HTC One M8 and got a couple of questions help please???

Wednesday 08th of October 2014 /
So i got my M8 like 2 days ago all i can say it just amazes me i didn't think i will like android that much but i got a couple of questions : 1) Is there a way or an application to change app pages like in the iphone ??( i mean in the m8 you have to scroll down but i would like to have it like slide in the iphone) 2)How to import music and photos???(For the past 6 years i only used itunes so i got like no idea how to use it now, people told me about htc sync should i give it a try or is there an easier way) 3)Is there any trick or an app to slightly improve the camera??(I mean i got no problem with the camera i also have an professional camera that i use but anything that might help) 4)People told me that the camera might get scratched easily so why not have a case? (Can you suggest me some good cases) 5)Is there a way to disable doube -tap to wake and slide up/down/right ?? 6)Can you suggest me a few apps??( i am a college student)

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