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Perfect Keyboard is a customizable keyboard for your Android phone [App Reviews]

Wednesday 22nd of June 2011 /
If you have used an Android device for long, then you have come to realize that the built-in keyboard is not always the best option. Some of the typical complaints about the standard Android keyboard include the small key sizing, poor key spacing, and the lack of skins.If you have been looking for a fully customizable keyboard option, then your stubby fingered prayers have been answered. Perfect Keyboard is different from a vast number of other keyboards in the Android Market in a number of key ways, most of them revolving around the keys themselves.What Perfect Keyboard really does for you is gives you control over the size and spacing of your keyboard keys. So if you find yourself hitting letters you didn’t mean to while you are tapping out those text messages, then look no further. Simply go into the settings for Perfect Keyboard by going into Settings -> Language & Keyboard -> Perfect Keyboard -> Appearance.Perfect Keyboard also has a host of other features that have come to be expected from alternative keyboards. It has its own set of long press shortcuts, a

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Android 4.2 Headed to AOSP Right Now! – Droid Life

Tuesday 13th of November 2012 /
With the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 launching on Google Play, and running Android 4.2, it only makes sense that this new version of Jelly Bean would makes its way to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Sure enough, that is happening now.What does this mean for all of you? Well, it means that your favorite custom ROM developer has some work to do. Once that work is done, it then means that you will have a brand spankin’ new ROM to dive into that includes Photosphere, the quick settings pull-down, a better keyboard, and more.Once we start hearing from the top devs with ROMs, we’ll start gathering them up for a mega-post.Via:  Google Groups

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TF201 Keyboard not recognized--can I use a Bluetooth wireless model?

Saturday 01st of December 2012 /
Ever since I got my TF201 back from ASUS following the repair of the overheating issue which effectively killed the whole tablet, my ASUS keyboard does not work. I am rather fond of typing with two hands so using the stylus to pick and peck is not satisfactory.ASUS sent me a new charger and connector in the box with the returned TF201, and there are no overheating issues since then.My question is, has the battery inside the keyboard died too? Can I open up the keyboard to replace it myself? Or at least check to see what it is?I have no clue what they mean in settings about the GOOGLE or Android keyboard and the ASUS keyboard, but I've tried it with both options and it is still a brick. I also purchased the MSI keyboard which is wireless Bluetooth because I read that it might pair with Android tablets. However, I currently use it with a MSI Windpad (purchased when I thought the ASUS was not going to come back to life). This cute little Bluetooth keyboard and the Wedge Bluetooth mouse work perfectly with the Windpad. Any ideas folks might have about its compatibility with my ASUS would

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Eyes-Free Android Applications « Android Phone Fans

Friday 05th of June 2009 /
The author of this video is a research scientist at Google but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was also a professor at some point in his career. His inquisitive and inclusive approach made me feel right back in a college classroom and the topic of conversation certainly seemed academic:What does it mean to even use a touchscreen/on-screen keyboard when you’re NOT looking at it?Why do you have to look at an on-screen keyboard?What if you didn’t have to?What if the buttons on the touchscreen positioned themselves dynamically around your fingers?By questioning the status quo, T.V. Raman floats an interesting concept to the surface and illustrates one potential way it could be useful:This is just the start of many Android Applications that will be “Eyes-Free” as they’ve started a Google Page for Speech Enabled Eyes-Free Android Applications. I’m sure this will find many uses in helping the blind navigate touchscreen phones but beyond that, no real problem/solution scenarios are jumping out at me. Nonetheless its a cool demonstration. And questionin

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Motorola i1 - First touchscreen Android phone with push-to-talk available via Sprint online

Monday 26th of July 2010 /
Sprint has released the first Touchscreen Android phone with integrated push-to-talk. The Motorola i1 is now available online through Sprint’s website.  The headline feature is the integrated push-to-talk, a first for touchscreen Android phones. Using Nextel’s Direct Connect and Group Connect is as simple as pressing a button. In addition to Direct Connect service the phone also features SWYPE virtual keyboard technology for quicker text input, a MicroSDHC memory card slot for up to 32Gb of storage and it is designed to meet Military Specification 810F, What does that mean? Its a rugged phone meant to punished and keep on ticking.Features:Android 1.53.1″ HVGA (320×480) TouchscreenAndroid Market Access5 Mega-pixel CameraMicroSDHC Slot supports up to 32Gb storage cardSwype  virtual keyboard technology allows you to input text faster and easier with one, continuous motion.Certified to Military Standard 810F for dust, shock, vibration, temperature extremes, blowing rain, humidity, solar radiation, and salt fog.Direct Connect, Group Connect, International Direct

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IN Media: Tablet PC 7 and Set Top Box Coming Soon for Android Lovers

Thursday 10th of March 2011 /
IN Media has recently announced a few new Android products they will soon be releasing.  The Tablet PC 7 and what sounds to be an awesome Set Top Box for your big screen.  And yes, both running Android 2.2.Unfortunately we do not have any pics for the Tablet PC 7, but we do have a little bit of info on it.  IN Media is looking to compete with the big boys by offering a lot of the goodies we are familiar with such as a camera, WIFI, removable  SD, and Bluetooth, but still put out a reasonably priced device.CEO of IN Media Dr. Nick Karnik said, “We are allowing users to migrate from Laptops and Netbook PCs to the more robust applications supported on the Tablet running Android 2.2. The Bluetooth keyboard capability provides a smooth transition.”  IN Media hopes to start selling their tablet in April for $199.  Wow!The next device they are working on is a Set Top Box for your TV.  Again, running Android 2.2.  What does that mean you say?  Not only will you be able to stream content from the internet, but you will also be able to play Angry Birds directly on your televis

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Nuance Buying Swype For More Than $100 Million

Thursday 06th of October 2011 /
Pretty big news coming out of the tech world if this all pans out. According to Uncrunched, Swype has just been acquired by Nuance for the sum of 100 million dollars. Currently, Nuance is the proud owner of the T9 input method you’ve been using on flip phones since before Android and more recently, they made a splash for their voice recognition software powering the iPhone 4S’s Siri and Dragon desktop software.So what does this acquisition mean? Some say it’s Nuance’s way of eliminating the competition (T9 and Swype don’t get along). No one can say for sure. But it looks like Swype could be the default keyboard method on an even wider range of devices once this buyout goes through. Both Nuance and Swype have yet to confirm or issue a statement but we’ll keep you updated.[Via Electronista]

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How does 512MB of memory affect operation of Android?

Tuesday 14th of June 2011 /
I'm a long-time Win Mo user looking to switch to Android. Qwerty keyboard is really indispensable for me (I've used XV6700 and now TP2). So naturally I'm looking forward to the release of Droid 3, slated for early July.But I've seen people lamenting, among others, the small size of memory - 512MB - that will be equipped on Droid 3. So, what does it really mean? For Windows Mobile, 512MB of main memory, albeit not plentiful, is not bad. All you have to do is install the essential apps on the main memory, and non essentials on the SD memory. Apps running from the SD may be slower, but Win Mo is slow to begin with. Why would 512MB on Android be problematic? Can't you install and run apps from an SD memory the way you do with Win Mo phones?

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Run Android on any laptop with SATA-based PunkThis board

Tuesday 31st of January 2012 /
We’ve seen a few Android-based netbooks run through the production mills of confused OEMs, and we’re fairly sure that a certain major manufacturer is including Android in a SoC bundled into their latest ultraportable laptop. But if you want a little do-it-yourself Android/laptop action, look further than the CUPP Computing PunkThis board. It’s a tiny system-on-a-chip built into a PCB board with SATA and Mini PCIe connections on one side. What does that mean? It means pop this sucker into your laptop’s hard drive bay, and you’re running Android in seconds.The board takes control of all the essential hardware in a laptop: display, keyboard and to…Continue Reading HereRun Android on any laptop with SATA-based PunkThis boardMichael Crider –

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"Unfortunately, Android Keyboard (AOSP) has stopped. Blame the Split Screen

Wednesday 18th of June 2014 /
So I'm asking what does this mean? Because I've done some research and I guess I might have downloaded the wrong gapps file. I flashed the PACman rom to my rooted Samsung Galaxy S4 R970. If so does anyone know the correct gapps file I could download.The file I downloaded was pac_jflte-nightly-20140618 If you could please get back to me that would be fantastic.

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