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Can someone help me make android apn proxy settings work?

Thursday 19th of August 2010 /
I have tried this on a g1 on anything from 1.0 to 2.2,a cliq and a cliq xt both on 1.5,and on an htc hd2 running 2.1 and 2.2. What happens is no matter what I type in as the proxy in apn settings,it is completely ignored. I am using the sidekick prepaid plan,which blocks ports 80 and 443,so no web browsing normally,but a proxy works if used on port 9201. i have tested this in windows mobile and it works perfectly,so I know it is not a plan issue,it is android that ignores the settings.When I try it in windows mobile,all apps follow the settings and everything works,but in android the browser will follow the settings,but everything else still trys to connect normally without the proxy so I keep getting notifications saying I have a sync error with my account,and no apps other than the browser will connect. market keeps saying it can't connect,retry or cancel and maps just says data connection lost,retrying. those are just 2 examples. On the HD2 builds,I have a unique situation because it is using rmnet to connect instead of a direct ppp connection,and it works occasionally. If I type

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Problems to setting up an apn

Thursday 10th of November 2011 /
Hello... My name is Gonzalo, from Spain.I have a superpad with Infotmic x210, 256 mb...the firmware version is model number: InfoPad10; Android version: 2.2 v2.1;#3925; kernel version:; Compilation: FRF85BApart from that i have a huawei e173 3g usb modem...When i enter in wifi connections -> mobile networks -> apn... there is no apn.. I press menu and select new one... i fill the info with my operator settings... press save... but nothing apn is saved... Tried with apn manager and created new apn... but in apn settings still is nothing... empty...What i have to do to create an apn and be able to see and use it...the 3g modem is connected but the light (green) shows it is in standby... when is connected is permanent blue.i think there is people who are using 3g modems with similar pads but dont know how they did it... no way for meThx for your time and help and sorry about my english

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What is peak times in the HTC Email app?

Friday 04th of June 2010 /
Being my first android, i'm still against the wall configuring my yahoo and gmail on the Desire.I am able to download emails when i do a manual refresh, but what exactly are the settings "peak times" and "during" and "off-peak" times?Currently i've set peak times to 00:00---00:00During peak times --- every 15 minsOff peak times --- manualHave UltimateJuice set to enable the apn every 3 mins per hour and also when the screen is on.After doing all this, i am only able to receive emails when i manually open the email app and let it refresh what am i doing wrong?I dont really need emails all day, i'd love for my yahoo and gmail to download new emails only between 9am-930am everyday. Thats enough for me Someone please help me with the correct settings.

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How to change apn settings?

Wednesday 19th of September 2012 /
I rooted the phone tonight with super one click. This is the first time doing this on an android phone and I can not seem to figure out how to change the apn settings. The root seemed to have went well and the superuser app appeared in my app drawer, but if I go into the apn settings I cant change anything. What am I missing here?

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Changing APN settings

Saturday 05th of January 2013 /
I have an HTC Desire (rooted-- CyanogenMod-7.2.0-RC1-bravoc). If you need more info on it please let me know.Can anyone help me change the APN settings so I can make it into a Straight Talk phone? I've tried various apps on the market place but none work.Thanks!COURTESY OF 'HADRON' ->Straight Talk is a US virtual operator. The thing I notice is that the phone description says "bravoc", ie CDMA. So this isn't just a matter of putting a SIM in and changing APNs. Unfortunately we don't have CDMA where I am, so I've no experience of this. I have heard of people modifying CDMA phones to work with a different operator, but don't know what's involved, or whether it's possible in this case. Perhaps someone might be able to help you in Straight Talk - Android Forums

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Android Forums - View Single Post - [PROJECT] Get MMS working on AOSP/AOKP/CM/MIUI builds!

Saturday 22nd of September 2012 /
As many of you who try to flash AOSP/AOKP/CM/MIUI builds know, MMS doesn't like to work on these builds. What the goal of this thread is to finally get it working on our Evo V's. Post any info/findings you've made here!(SKCM is short for AOSP/AOKP/CM/MIUI in this post)Things I've found out:MMS works fine on the Evo 3D counterparts for most SKCM ROMs. For other VM phones with Sprint counterparts (the LG Optimus V for example), the fix is a simple apn-conf.xml change. CM even comes with this change baked into the ROM, and offers support for BOTH Sprint/VM. This fix doesn't work for our phones for some reason though. Oddly enough, the Sense 3.6/4 ROMs use a different simple fix that actually works on our Evo V- replacing the apns.xml in /res/xml of framework-res.apk does the trick with the one from the stock VM image does the trick. If you try this on SKCM ROM, it doesn't work, and wipes all APN settings for some reason. This also brings me to another point- there is less info in the Sense config. If you go to Messaging>Settings>MMS settings>Connection Settings in any Sense 3.6

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No APN settings :(

Wednesday 29th of August 2012 /
Hey all,I'm new to android (and the forum) so please feel free to take pity on my Noobness.....I recently bought a Coby 1125 and being the impatient fella I am wanted to upgrade the OS to 4.0. I ended up search the net and installed ICS from the German site but had problems getting Gapps to work. I then ran another android upgrade program which turned out to be 4.1.1. by GreenDemon and found a Gapps package which works.So now I'm running 4.1.1. (which is JB yes?) with Gapps working (more or less - Still seems to be a lot of incompatible stuff on play) but the main problem is I'll lost APN.....I don't even have the option for it in settings. I've been reading up loads and tried various things but can't seem to get anything to restore it, I'm guessing somehow this has been disabled deep down in the root of the tablet?Being able to insert a 3g SIM was a pretty big selling point for me and I'm really conscious of configuring all the apps properly only having to wipe them again in the future when I work out what's going on (or find an update that works).The Wi-Fi also seems to be acting s

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Need MetroPCS APN

Friday 06th of December 2013 /
I have entered the apn that I have found and finally got data off of wifi. Problem is that it is slow and on Edge speed. Has anyone had any luck with obtaining 4G speeds? If so what are the APN settings you use for Metro PCS Posted via Android Central App

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MMS and group text not working.

Monday 03rd of February 2014 /
I can't seem to send or receive ANY MMS. I also can't receive any group text at all ( from either apple or android devices ). All I get is the "touch to download" even though I have "automatically download MMS" on in the settings. Tried GoSMS with no avail. I had a friend suggest using Hangouts and it worked maybe once or twice but then went back to not being able to receive again. I have tried to send pictures to test if they would at least go through, but they also come back with "tap to retry". I REALLY don't want to factory reset the phone, but I will have to if it comes down to it. I've seen mention of changing the APN settings would change it, but they are not accessible. I do know what verizon's APN settings are but obviously I can't enter them....Any fixes???

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is there an auto app for apn settings on my android jellybean?

Tuesday 02nd of June 2015 /
I do not know the correct settings for my android jeallybean phone. I use straight talk and want to start using the jellybean. What is the best way?

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