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Standby is killing my Samsung Galaxy Precedent's battery

Wednesday 28th of September 2011 /
I recently got my first Android phone, a Samsung Galaxy Precedent, and although I'm impressed for the most part, I have had some issues in the four days I've had it. One of the main things I've noticed is that my battery is being drained like crazy. I took it off the charger at about 5am today, and it was at 100%, and now, just four hours later (and with next to no use--just some alarms, and I checked my Facebook for about five minutes, then killed the app), it's at 42%. According to the Battery Use log, the battery use for my phone for the past 3h 42m breaks down to: Cell standby 72%Phone idle 22%Display 5%Android system 3% I can't figure out why on Earth standby is eating up so much of my battery. At this rate, my phone will be dead within seven hours of non-use, and that just doesn't seem right to me at all. Does anyone have any insight as to why my phone's standby is such a battery hog, and what I can do to stop it?

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What's your Cell Standy percentage?

Saturday 16th of October 2010 /
I had a defective G2 (original unit bought on 10/3) that had problems with the cell radio and it would get in upwards of 79% battery usage for cell standby. I had problems with data dropping off randomly and calls not being able to go through, and resetting the phone or putting it in airplane mode and back to normal again would temporarily fix it. Now that I have another G2, I've noticed the cell standby is still higher than other Android phones, and that it seems to sit around 30% on this new one I got. I've got quite a few friends with Android phones, and here are the percentages that they all have with normal use on Cell Standby:Droid X: 3%Samsung Moment: 3%Samsung Epic 4G: 9%Can you all do me a favor and check what your battery usage is in regards to Cell Standby so I can make sure this thing isn't acting up? I just don't understand why it's so much higher than other Android phones. Thanks for the help!

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Android System Running High

Sunday 27th of June 2010 /
Hello,I was getting sick of the horrible battery life I was getting on my EVO and was seriously about to go to sprint and turn it in for a Blackberry which I never had problems with. I decided to research the phone today and stuff to help battery life and I found this website which has shown me a lot of things that I can do to help my battery life.I noticed on most other peoples phones when they have a screenshot of their phones "usage" my Android System is 96%, cell standby 2% and Idle 2%. My phone also seems to be very warm at most times even when sitting on my counter in my Air Conditioned Condo. Is this something that's normal or am I losing it.Also I have read that "rooting" my phone seems to be a common thing. From what I understand rooting allows me to access the "guts" of my phone but how will this help my battery life?I am brand new to the "Android Family" and I was kind of suprised to see all things that you could do to these phones. If anyone could help me out that would be appreciated sooo much. Thank you.

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What do "Cell Standby" and "Phone Idle" mean?

Tuesday 14th of September 2010 /
Alright, here's the story. For the past two weeks my Battery Use has been this:Android System 96%Cell Standby 2%Phone Idle 2%There has been almost no variation from that. Every now and then Display or Wi-Fi would show up as about 2% each, then disappear after a while. That's all.Last night my battery reached 10%, I turned off the power, charged it overnight for 12 hours, unplugged it, and turned the power back on. I noticed two things:1. My Battery Use list changed drastically. Now it shows something like:Cell Standby 31%Android System 28%Phone Idle 21%Display 8%Wi-Fi 6%Voice Calls 2%Maps 2%Internet 2%I assume this is actually a better representation of what the list should look like than what I had been seeing for two weeks, but the other thing I noticed was2. My battery was draining a lot faster than it ever had during the previous two weeks, even during idle periods.My battery had consistently been draining at around 1% per hour idle until today. Now I'm seeing it drop 5% in LESS than an hour while idle (idle meaning the screen shuts off and I don't use it).So my question is, what

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No use, 60% of my battery is gone

Sunday 18th of December 2011 /
OK, is this normal? I took the phone off the charger middle of the night last night when I went to bed. I wak up this morning and the phone is at 40% charge after 8 hours of just sitting on the table. A look at what the phone usd shows only Cell standby and phone idle... the best part of this.... Wait for it... They each usd up 37% of my battery. LMAO... Even now after checking my email the phone says 37% battery life and usage is as follows...Cell standby 29%Display 29%Phone idle 29%Android OS 7%WTF is wrong with this thing???

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Cell Standby Status

Wednesday 11th of August 2010 /
I went to Settings > About Phone > Battery > Battery Use and got the following:Cells standby: 73%Phone Idle: 25%Android System: 2%What is cell standby? Is that the same thing as 3g connection just sitting around? Can I disable that AGP thing? Is there anyway to reduce this number?Furthermore - is the Android system the system and app use? I would think my apps are hogging the battery. Any ideas?

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3 issues: Cell Standby, Market apps not updating and connection problems.

Monday 05th of September 2011 /
I have been experiencing 3 separate (but unrelated) issues with my Android phone running Gingerbread lately. Any assistance/advice would be greatly appreciated.1) I've had my phone (non-rooted HTC Inspire) for over a month. Now suddenly, over the past week my "Cell Standby" is at 30% - 60%. Why the sudden change and what can I do to remedy this?.2) I have about 70-80 apps installed from the Market. Every day I get some sort of updates (sometimes multiple updates). However, for the past 3 days my Market apps will not update. Is the Market experiencing issues and is there something I can do on my end to get updates coming again?.3) Even with WIFI off, Mobile Networks on and a decent signal (1-2 bars of HSPA+) I can bring up the default browser but end up with a connection error or the page will only load 1/10 of the way or will not load at all or will take forever to load. Most of the time though, I just get connection errors. I have a good signal so why these errors and what can I do to correct this?.Thanks again for any help, BB

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M009F Eken - Cell Standby Problem

Saturday 07th of January 2012 /
Hi , i have android 2.3.3 on my tablet: "Eken M009F" and my battery's live is one hour beacuse i have an application that kills my battery : "Cell standby" , how can i kill this applications to make my battery's life longer?The cell standby is using 80% of my battery , what i can do?

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Battery just went crazy! How can I figure out what is causing it to drain so fast?

Saturday 26th of February 2011 /
Around 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon I noticed my phone felt a bit hot, but since I had just taken it out of my pocket I didn't give it much thought. I took about a 3 hour nap and when I woke my phone had shut off due to the battery being drained. I believe it was almost full when I started my nap, so that means it drained in about 3 hours while not being used. I charged it back up to about 32% and took it off the charger. In less than 2 hours I was getting the warning to plug it in because the battery was low! When I looked at the battery usage it showed: Android System: 37%Cell standby: 20%Wi-Fi: 20%Phone idle: 13%Display: 10% How can I figure out what is happening with my battery?

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*HELP!* Unknown Android OS/Service Process Battery Drain

Monday 16th of September 2013 /
Well, three days ago this happened.. After some searching and troubleshooting, I've narrowed some stuff down but I don't know what could be the problem. What is weird to me is that on the closeup line graph the second half plummets much faster than the first half. But at the same time, the second half doesn't nearly have as many wakelocks (as indicated by the "Awake" bar being basically completely empty during that time. I have no idea what the mobile network colours represent but I never had this problem previously with it on all the time so this shouldn't be an issue. GPS is always on. Again, this was never an issue until supposedly now so this also shouldn't be an issue. Now, the four big drainers are Cell Standby, Android System, Google Services, and Android OS. Cell Standby I know is due to a missplaced decimal point in the framework, so I know that's just false battery recording. Android System I don't have a clue what the problem is, I read somewhere it might have to deal with wakelocks. But it won't tell me what process exactly is causing battery drain. Google Se

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