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Alarm clock apps, What is media server? [From the Forums]

Wednesday 01st of August 2012 /
Just in case you missed out on some of the Android news today, now is the time to go ahead and get yourself fully caught up. Here on the blogs and in the Android Central Forums there is plenty to talk about. Have some questions? Need some help or just looking to chat Android? You know where to go, check out some of the threads below to get started.Google Nexus 7 Tablet Forums - What is 'Mediaserver' and why is it draining my battery so much?Samsung Galaxy S3 Forums - What alarm clock apps are you using?Samsung Galaxy Nexus Forums - Still receive $10 Wallet credit on G-Nex?HTC One X Forums - Do I need StereoClip if i have a bluetooth car stereo?Android Contest Forums - Contest: Win a free copy of Tablified Market HD!We've got nearly 1 million members helping members and nearly 2 million posts in our Android Forums. Are you one of them? Join today!

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Battery Status - Mediaserver

Wednesday 23rd of November 2011 /
I've been trying to test battery usage on my phone so I've been running Pandora today and I received these stats when I view battery use:5hrs 40 minutes @ 40%Pandora 36%Mediaserver 36%Display 12%Android OS 5%Phone Idle 5%Call Stand by 4%I have Smart actions for woek which have disabled gps, background sync and wifi. I believe I need Cell Data for Pandora to work, gues I could have checked that today, but if I'm not on Cell or WiFi I can;t imagine I would be getting Pandora.I can't seem to figure out what Mediaserver is and why it's running so much battery. Does anyone know what this is or how I can disable or limit iut's use?Sorry if this has been addressed already, I searched but was unable to loacte a post which seemed to fit my question.

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battery just doesnt last why????

Saturday 15th of January 2011 /
Hi guys i have a droid 2 with the 2.2 os. I am having a hard time making my battery last more than 6 hours. I had a atk with auto kill and come to find out thats not really needed so i uninstall it. this is what my battery display is saying it doesnt make sence to me but it may to you guys take a look and let me know. Also im a newbie so the phone isnt rooted or anythign else done yet. This is what the battery says volts: 4000mvtemp: 84.2ftotal life 10h 25minlife remaining:8h 20 mindisplay: 29%android system:26%com.motorole.home:13%android os:12%motorola once again any help would be great thanks again Art

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Bad Battery?

Tuesday 15th of May 2012 /
Morning folks... I just got my Maxx on Thursday and I believe I have a bad battery.I unplugged at 100% 7.5 hours ago.Now, I'm at 30%You might ask, bradmatic, what's been using your battery?--Display 36%--Wi-Fi 18%--Android OS 9%--c:geo 8%--Cell standby 6%--Phone idle 5%--Draw Some 4%--Mediaserver 4%--rest less than 2%What's up? I'm on Wi-Fi when I'm home and at work... has been 7 of the last 7.5 hours. I even have the cell radios off when I'm at work because my building is a dead zone.This can't be right considering the batter that's allegedly inside this phone.Also, does anyone know why the battery only reports life in 10% increments?

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what is mediaserver?

Sunday 11th of August 2013 /
My new RAZR HD has really bad battery life and in the battery settings it says that other than the screen, the majority of the battery is being used by "media server" I'm not sure what app or process this is but it has an icon with the little green android. Is this what has been killing my battery? Posted via Android Central App

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Mediaserver battery drain

Monday 02nd of December 2013 /
What exactly is "mediaserver"? Does that have anything to do with video/audio chat like on skype or playing back music on Android? Because I see it used %15 battery and I did not stream anything to or off G2.. I don't see this in Running App list, so maybe it ran for a while then stopped when I did something? I wonder what is using this..

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Mediaserver draining the Xoom battery

Sunday 12th of January 2014 /
Recently I noticed my battery is draining very quickly and I haven't been using my Xoom any differently to normal, nor have I installed any new apps, so I checked the battery information and Mediaserver is top of the list with a high percentage.I have never had this issue before and my version of Android has not changed in a long time and won't be, because it's vanilla that Google are not updating on the Xoom any more.I don't know what has started it and reboots don't stop it.Any ideas?

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Mediaserver battery drain-note3 Lte

Friday 26th of September 2014 /
Recently, I noticed that my battery loses its charge qickly.When i checked the battery performance, it is eaten by mediaserver!The percentage was 81% so i deleted some photos and it became 63% which is still highSo what is the solution ? Posted via the Android Central App

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Why is my phone heating very much and draining battery fast?

Thursday 12th of March 2015 /
From the past 2-3 days my android kitkat phone is heating like hell. I came to know that an application named Mediaserver is eating up 60-70% of my battery life. When I searched about Mediaserver I came to know that it is related to Google Play Music. When I opened Google Music I was shocked to see that it only showed 1 song instead of 127 I have on my external sd-card. I tried to reboot my phone, uninstall Music and re-installing, but of no use. Please tell me what to do as I dont want to factory reset my phone.

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What is system (mediaserver)?

Monday 18th of May 2015 /
This morning I played some mp3's for about an hour and a half on my s6 with the Samsung music player and lost 20% of my battery. When I checked what was using my battery system (mediaserver) was at the top. I've never seen this listed hough in my battery usage before. Seems like alot of battery drain for just listening to non streaming music with the screen off Posted via the Android Central App

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