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"Unfortunately, the process has stopped." What does this mean?

Monday 05th of November 2012 /
I am getting this error message frequently: "Unfortunately, the process has stopped." It seems to have started after the ICS upgrade. What does it mean? is there an issue? Is there something I can do to fix it? Thanks

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Wednesday 16th of May 2012 /
I'm really happy with my update to ICS but I am having one small but annoying problem... a window pops up quite often that states " has stopped unexpectedly". This happens most often shortly after starting up the tablet, but happens at other times, as well. It seems to be random other than happening a few times at startup. I don't recall it happening before I updated to ICS. I just close the pop-up window and continue with whatever I want to do and don't notice any other difficulties. It's just very annoying. Any clues as to what is causing this? Or how to fix it?

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Saturday 12th of June 2010 /
Hello,I need some help. I am an android NEWBIE The phone is warm & the battery drains in about 4hrs. Started searching some forums and tried several things, been battling unsuccessfully for several days.Menu > About > Battery: Shows that Awake = Uptimeusing an application called System Panel Lite to try to figure out what is going on...some png's are attached.Here are some of the things that I have tried1) Performed a Factory Reset2) All Active Syncs = OFF : No Luck3) home > apps > TALK : disabled automatic sign in, Signed out and rebooted = NO CHANGEMenu > Settings > Applications > Running Services:format: Application (process): Service:bold = my problemCalendar ( ObexServiceCalendar ( Connectivity ServiceGoogle ( GTalkServiceVoicemail (com.coremobility.apps.vnotes: CM_ServiceMedia( DM( HtcDmServiceSprint Zone ( UpdateServiceHTC IQAgent ( AgentServicecom.smithmicro.DM (com.smithmicro.DM): DMSe

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Storage never stops "calculating" Media & SD Card using a ton of battery

Friday 10th of February 2012 /
I'm experiencing some weird behavior...I wonder if it isn't a corrupted file on the SD partition.When I restart I frequently get the message "The process has stopped unexpectedly" once or twice.When I go to Settings > Storage, it never stops "Calculating" anymore.Media & SD Card using a ton of battery.I'm rooted. Was stock otherwise until I put 4.0.4 on today, but this problem was happening before that.I'm coming from a OG Droid. What the (if I have to) factory reset process with the Nexus? Is there a way to preserve root and fix this?

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Wednesday 18th of January 2012 /
I get the " has stopped unexpectedly" error message at least twice a day and sometimes more. I have tried the following methods that were recommended on other Android forum threads:settings> apps> all: click download manager and clear data and cacheand settings> apps> all: click media storage and clear data and cacheBut I still keep getting the error message intermittently (daily). I am not sure what is causing the error message and the ramifications. My Verizon GNex is not rooted. I have had the phone since December 15th, but this issue didn't start until a couple weeks ago. Not sure if it is due to a conflict with one of the downloaded apps. Other than this nuisance, I love the phone. I greatly appreciate feedback and suggestions.

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Uptime=Awake time and 97% CPU Time

Friday 11th of June 2010 /
Uptime=Awake time and (97%I was having the AWAKE TIME = UPTIME issues, battled all day yesterday with it. My phone is unrooted, Per I post somewhere suggested to do a factory reset, so I did it last night....immediately pushed the power button to kill the display, let sit for a minute, and rechecked the change!!!! then I went to bed, same thing in the morning too!Installed a couple of applications..... as I write this email:Settings>About Phone> Battery Information:Up time =7h = Awake Time30% Android System: CPU Total = 1minCell Standby: 29%, Time on: 1h, 23min Time Without Signal:9%Phone Idle: 20%: 1h3minBluetooth: 14%, Time on 44minDisplay: 20min using system panel lite:Temperature: is having an average CPU consumption of 97% what is this?cant stop the task. suggestions?

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read more errors please help

Saturday 03rd of November 2012 /
Hi all, Back in March I rooted my phone (MetroPCS LG Connect 4G) with the Spectrum one click root and was happy until I had installed Root Uninstaller and removed the factory Metro bloatware.My phone constantly gets the " has stopped unexpectedly" force close error and it shuts down Google Market within seconds now it seems and if it is set to auto-update it will error like that without even being in the market.I attempted other fixes here such as clear data and delete update from Google Play which is now old Google Market again but it still does it.I even attempted the newer connect root that markolo25 had posted here but still have the same error even after a factory reset. It is aggravating if I cannot download any apps!What are my options? Do I need to load a rom image?

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"Media" draining battery [VZW]

Thursday 18th of October 2012 /
Media -- DownloadService ( is what shows up in running apps.Media -Download ManagerDRM Protected Content StorageDownloadsMedia Storageis what shows up under battery usage.I've seen it use about equivalent usage to "cell standby" over a period of 9 hours from 100% to 35%. (screen 33%, phone idle 20%, cell standby 15%, media 11%, sdcard, 7%, android system 5%, ...)If I kill the download process the battery usage issue goes away, but it always pops back up after a reboot.Any clues?

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Media draining battery? media process android SOLVED

Saturday 03rd of August 2013 /
I had a media process that was draining my battery on my Bionic, I've heard of this problem on the nexus, the galaxy series devices, you name it...Problem: In applications>running, there is a process called MEDIA and when you click the process it says the process was started by an app, it also says download service & causes your android OS to be significantly higher AT ALL TIMES than screen etc no matter what you do, it's a battery drain.The solution offered by all the other forums I could find suggested that this was caused by a corrupted media file and the solution was to remove all media from the SD card, then one by one, add a file then check running processes until you find the culprit! This is time consuming and I thought there must be a better I did some digging and found a solution that worked for me and I wanted to share.First, this problem occured on my stock but rooted Droid Bionic, because I utilized an application that downloads mp3 files for free, it's a good app, it's not malicious by any means, but shotty programming from th

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unfortunately android process, media has stopped

Wednesday 02nd of October 2013 /
My android tablet is hcl me tablet. Model-U1, power supply-DC 5V,2A. In my tablet camera,media is not responding. Downloading also not responding. Every time its saying"unfortunately,process android ,process. Media has stopped" what is it meant by? pls.. understand and give reply any one.

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