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What is Deodexed & Zipaligned

Saturday 01st of September 2012 /
What are the meanings for those 2 terms?I'm a n00b!e

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[ROM]GingerBread Phone 7

Saturday 12th of November 2011 /
GingerbreadPhone7 This is a Windows Phone 7 based ROM that I have compiled for x2. A lot of work has been put into this ROM and with the help of the x2 community, this ROM has become what it is today. Thank you for all your support and I hope you enjoy! Check this guy OUT!!! Big shout out to user victimssun for helping me with the .9s I was having issues with! Without him I wouldn't have got this update. Thanks man. Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damage to your device. Use at your own discretion. See Post #2 for Tips, Future Release Information, and How you can support the development of this ROM. Don't forget to read the setup below! GBP7 v.5 Featuresv0.5=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Support on GingerBread Kernel 2.3.5-DeoDexed-ZipAligned-De-Bloated-Blur"less"-2nd Init by navendrob-Storage Flippy-Floppy by navendrob-Pull-Down Toggles by navendrob-Speedy v6 Scripts by 0vermind-BusyBox 1.9-SuperUser 3.0Beta-Swype Beta PreInstalled-Nexus Prime bootanimation-WP7 Theme-Ad-Blocking-Droid x2 Desktop-Persistent & Full ADB-UI Animations and Tweaks-bu

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[ROM] HDS Twisted Sense

Thursday 14th of April 2011 /
Twisted Sense by Hedney3OK everyone this is a big release because im changing things up just a little bit to give everyone some more customization. This release does allow you to wipe! Woot. but i have decided that i will release it with out a theme on it and let you decide what to do from there. i also have battery mods to let you customize the battery that you want. only have two to start but more are on the way. So with out further ado.......Twisted Sense 1.4TwistedSense v 1.4Change Log:- debloated, deodexed, optimized, zipaligned- latest version of busybox included v1.19 (adrynalyne)- new bfs 1.8ghz kernel with smartass governor (drod2169)- transparent theming and animations and rom base (adrynalyne)- removal of location indicator and am pm on statusbar (bgill55)- intergrated roottools script accessable by termimal (jrummy16)- Rosie Launcher Landscape support (Bgill55)- added power controls in pull down (sk806)- latest google market v2.3.6 (google)- 4 in one reboot menu (chingy & succia)- rosie settings to assign right button to app (myn)- 6 bar signal strength in statusbar (

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Android Forums - View Single Post - (ROM)(Beta)LG-MS770 Deodexed/Debloated/Base Rom

Wednesday 06th of February 2013 /
IntroI know few others are also working on Stock rom, so I just wanted to create own thread not to interrupt others.ROM DescriptionStock - it uses base kernel Zipaligned - APK is optimized (that's what they say lol)Deodexed - no odex file at System/App, easy to modify in the futureModerately Debloated - many Metro, LG, Google apps removedRooted, Recovery - SU, 2nd Init App includedTested with my phone multiple times, Wifi, 4G, Call, Message, App all work.Warnings1. You must installed Version E firmware.For more information please check this thread. If you have a different version install may interrupt or you may get morning call error.2. You must know what you are doing.Although I tested with my phone, any development done on LG Motion is very unstable at this moment. This may (perma) brick your phone.3. You must know how to unbrick the phone.Please refer sammyz's guide here4. Your phone must be rooted and LTE2's 2nd-init Recovery installed.I found out hroark13's one click root & recovery tool is the easiest one.Thread and download link can be found from here.5. You must have nan

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ROM - @TeamKang (PORT) Skyrocket Build for Samsung Galaxy S II/ T-Mobile

Tuesday 29th of November 2011 /
TeamKang has released an update to (PORT) Skyrocket Build. The latest version is now UCKK1.This release is supported on the following Device(s):- Samsung Galaxy S II: T-Mobile- Completely deodexed and zipaligned – Includes OUR stock kernel (same one in Juggernaut) – Fixed Wifi – Fixed GPS – Rooted with busybox – Somewhat debloated (This is what was removed) – Replaced AT&T bootup with stock Samsung – Added init.d scripts for zipalign and set permissions – Added some misc. build.prop tweaks and edits – Added latest Market – Enabled free TMO music in marketHead over to TeamKang’s CommunityRelease Developer Homepage for more information and downloads.Register now on Community Release and follow your favorites.Get instant notifications for:Single ReleasesDevice ReleasesDeveloper ReleasesIt’s so simple and will give you access to new registered user features as they become available.Click HERE to complete your registration.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH-I747 (AT&T): Flashing Ultimatum S3 custom ROM - Android Authority

Tuesday 10th of July 2012 /
Especially after devs have provided a way to flash ClockworkMod Recovery on and root the Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH-I747 (AT&T), users will now be able to enjoy custom ROMs.  XDA Developers member howtomen has released what is claimed to be the first-ever custom ROM for the AT&T Galaxy S3.  It’s aptly named, too: Ultimatum S3.The said custom ROM is based on stock AT&T firmware and has been deodexed, zipaligned, and pre-rooted.  But, that’s not the juicy part: Ultimatum S3 is a debloated ROM, which means that stock Samsung apps that many users consider worthless or useless have been removed.  The debloating, as expected, results in smaller ROM size and presumably improves performance on an already top-performing, quad-core dual-core monster.Other ROM features include an advanced reboot menu, scrolling wallpaper, a modified MMS app, modified WaterDrop sound, and no boot sound, among others.Check out the Ultimatum S3 custom ROM on your AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-I747.  Our guide will walk you through its installation.WarningsThe instructions for this guide are intend

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