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Samsung Galaxy S3 spotted running official Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Wednesday 15th of August 2012 /
Rumors have been circulating over the past couple of weeks suggesting Samsung’s hard at work on a Jelly Bean update for the (international) Galaxy S3, and that release is slated for late August or early September. Today we have the first indication of what this new software version might actually look like, as video footage of Android 4.1 on the S3 has leaked out from Mexican site AndroidMX.The video shows exactly what we’d expect Jelly Bean on the Galaxy S3 to look like -- you’ve still got all your TouchWiz customizations there, and that’s still 90 percent of what you’ll see in normal operation. However, fancy new Jelly Bean features like Google Now and the redesigned notification area are present and accounted for.As for speed, the S3 looks fast on Android 4.1, but then it’s pretty speedy on ICS, too, so that’s nothing new.Regardless of how much new stuff there ends up being in this update, international Galaxy S3 owners will be hoping that the rumors of a release in the next month or so turn out to be true. We’ll certainly be crossi

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Android-forked Facebook phone coming on April 4 during special media event?

Friday 29th of March 2013 /
Facebook will host a new special media event on April 4 during which it will show the world its “new home on Android.” While the announcement is rather cryptic by itself, we can’t but think of that HTC Myst handset that’s reportedly being built for Facebook.This wouldn’t be the first Facebook smartphone, but unlike the HTC ChaCha and Salsa that preceded it, this HTC device could run a new Android OS fork specially designed by Facebook:This will be a deeper, forked version of Android rather than a Facebook-ified version of Sense.The mythical Facebook phone has been rumored for quite some time now, but every time it had to answer about its mobile plans, the social network denied that it’s working on such a product. Considering that Facebook is present on probably all smartphones out there, no matter what platform they’d use, having a Facebook phone in shops doesn’t sound like a necessity, but it looks like that’s the way Facebook is heading.Not to mention that Facebook has its own, photo, calling and messaging apps that could further help users stay within Facebook

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Softmaker for Android Will Bring the Windows-Bred Office Suite to Market

Friday 11th of March 2011 /
The folks at Softmaker have been working on an Android version of their timeless Windows Mobile offering for quite some time and have recently updated fans on their progress. They have built the user interface for their Android version from the ground-up to ensure  the experience is as native as native can be.In a new screenshot, they showed off the toolbar that’ll be present in each application and will allow you to customize your documents. The suite of options is supposed to be so robust that it’ll be able to rival your desktop editing suite. (I have a very hard time believing that, but it’s their claim.) Read more about what they’re doing here if you’re interested. [via ZDNet]

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Bluestacks: Run Android Apps on Windows

Wednesday 02nd of November 2011 /
BlueStacks and AMD have teamed up to create an Android app player for Windows; it’s in alpha and could use some UI tune-ups but it delivers what it promises: Android apps running smoothly on Windows 7. There’s a free and a pro version. The free version will be limited to only allow you to install 26 apps, while the pro version lets you install as many as you like. BlueStacks is first of its kind and I can only imagine what prospects it will have on touch screen Windows Devices like the upcoming Windows 8 tablets and even the already present Windows Tablets, like the Acer …Continue Reading HereBluestacks: Run Android Apps on WindowsAsad Salman – android.appstorm

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Mozilla: Firefox 4 is up to 3x as fast as stock Android browser

Tuesday 01st of February 2011 /
We’ve been tracking Firefox since it was still being called Fennec. And while Androinica writers have internally praised what’s now known as Firefox for Android, storage size and speed have been issues that have kept some of us – present company included – from making it our standard browser. Mozilla says it has updated Firefox in a way that may force me to reconsider that.Firefox for Android is faster than previous versions. So fast that Mozilla says that Firefox 4 is “faster than the stock Android browser” based on multiple benchmark tests. We’ve seen this claim made by other browsers and discovered that benchmark tests don’t always translate to real-world results. However, people who liked Firefox but craved speed can rest assured that the new version is faster than previous incarnations.Mirroring the desktop experience, Firefox’s greatest strength is its expandability. The Android version of Mozilla’s browser supports more than 100 add-ons (browse the gallery) and syncs settings with desktops. Even if you don’t b

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Easter Eggs And Developer Humor In Android 3.0 "Honeycomb" APIs: Tron Bee, Rez, fyiWillBeAdvancedByHostKThx()

Saturday 26th of January 2013 /
The Android team sure has a sense of humor. Previously, in the Froyo SDK, besides tons of awesome code, they've also added a function called wtf() (What a Terrible Failure) and an even more hilarious isUserAMonkey() that returns true if the user interface is currently being messed with by a monkey.Examining the Honeycomb SDK docs released earlier today, armed with a hint from Roman Nurik, I found the following gem: fyiWillBeAdvancedByHostKThx(). The docs are not online yet, but if you've downloaded the SDK, you can find this function at android-sdk/docs/reference/android/widget/AdapterViewAnimator.html#fyiWillBeAdvancedByHostKThx(). What it does doesn't matter (it's actually a legitimate function), but its name is hilarious.Next up we have what seems to be a Tron-themed Honeycomb logo, buried within the depths of the SDK drawables:The logo shows itself show up in an even more Tron-themed Easter egg found in the same location as the one present in Gingerbread. Like before, to activate it, go to Settings > About and tap Android version repeatedly:That's it for now - I haven't found

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[Updated: Walkthrough Video] Official Android 3.1 Beta For Logitech Revue Leaked; Flash At Your Own Risk!

Friday 02nd of August 2013 /
Heads-up, Revue owners! We've got a nice little surprise for you all this morning. A member of the GTVHacker forums has posted about a leaked beta of Android 3.1 for the Google TV device, and the good news is that you can download it right now!The update looks like is an official one (signed and hosted by Google/Logitech), as you don't need to be rooted to flash this on to your device; you can apply it like you would any other operating system update with no root necessary. However, as this is a beta version it will have some bugs lurking around in it and more importantly you cannot roll back to a previous version once you have updated the software, so do this at your own risk!Update: Channel Android goes hands-on:The developer has also posted a list of what works well with this latest update and what doesn't work so well. Most noticeably, he comments that there are now live wallpapers available in this build, the Android Market is present, and the system as a whole performs smoother than before.However, the Atom CPU inside the Revue seems to be incompatible with the vast majority o

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Path adds camera lenses to their Android app bringing it more in line with their iOS offering

Thursday 19th of April 2012 /
When Path first launched on Android it was, for the most part, on par with that of its iOS version. However, there were some small things left out and then one really big item that you may or may not have noticed, depending on your device history. Lenses otherwise known as filters, were not present in the Android version at launch despite having been available on iOS for quite some time.That all changes today though, the now updated version of Path brings lenses to Android with a selection of seven in total to choose from -- Pro, Ansel, Instant, Diana, Lomo, Country and Lake. The updated version is available now in the Google Play Store of which, you can find the link to after the break. Go on then, what are you waiting for? Start checking them out.Source: Path

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New features in Firefox mobile (but a working Android version's a ways away)

Thursday 15th of April 2010 /
You've probably noticed we love Firefox mobile. With good reason, the desktop client is clearly a great bit of software and everything we've seen makes us think the mobile version will be too. Well it looks like the Maemo version of Firefox Mobile 1.1 (Fennec for us geeks) is about ready for a beta release. What's uber-cool, and surely will be in the Android version is the ability for add-ons to hook into the app. Yes, pretty much like they do in the desktop application. The highlights here are easily the site identy information (above) and the save as pdf feature of readability.At present there are over 90 add-ons for mobile FireFox, and I'm sure as Mozilla keeps advancing the project we will see more of them spring up. Yes for Android too. There's a couple more screen shots after the break, well worth a look.[Via]pop up blocker in mobile Firefoxsave as pdf feature

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Android 4.4 KitKat Running On Nexus 4 Features and Screenshots

Android 4.4 KitKat is around the corner and we just witnessed an extensive gallery of supposedly the latest Android OS running on a Nexus 4 smartphone. This gallery shows several options settings and menus for KitKat but surprisingly or not, the OS is listed as Key Lime Pie, the rumored version of Android OS after Jelly Bean and the name everybody thought Android 4.4 will get before Google announced the official KitKat name. Interesting is the fact that previous leaks pointed at “Hammmerhead” codename for various Nexus 5 leaks and the same codename is present in the About Phone screen along with the Key Lime Pie version KRS65B software information.There aren’t so many differences between Jelly Bean and KitKat, as we could saw from the pictures, and this is kind of disappointing as the little design changes are not enough for us, who waited the KitKat version to bring some radical changes. But never mind, let’s see what really changed from Jelly Bean to KitKat, as we could deduce from the pictures. One of the first changes which popped up was the white notific

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