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What is sensors.qcom

Friday 28th of December 2012 /
Whatevers it is its eat my battery. Between that and screen brightness my battery will last a day. No mobile data and some calling. I am using the battery saver in smart action. What else can i do. And what is sensor.qcom. I found it under battery in settings. Thanks

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Battery Drain and sensors.qcom

Tuesday 14th of May 2013 /
My first Android phone was an HTC Droid Incredible. I loved the phone, but the battery life was poor, and sometimes I couldn't get through a day with a fully charged phone. When replacement time came and I started hearing rave reviews of the Motorola RAZR MAXX HD battery life, that's what I got in December of last year. Battery life has been very good, but there is more to the story.Twice the RAZR MAXX HD refused to turn back on after being powered down. The first time I drove in absolute panic to a nearby Verizon store. A clerk there connected my phone to a charger, and it came back on. The second time I didn't panic, and either connecting it to the charger or pressing Volume Down along with the Power key or both brought it back to life.To save myself the stress of having the power-up fail again sometime and somewhere, I decided to keep the phone on all the time. To make the battery last as long as possible, at night I turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and Mobile Data. With all these off I still get phone calls and SMS text messages. I have been doing this for several weeks with good s

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What is "sensors.qcom" and why is it using so much battery?

Saturday 14th of December 2013 /
I've been trying to figure out what sensors.qcom is and why it's draining so much battery. According to GSam battery, it was the main reason for battery drain today. I lost around 20% just sitting in my glove box during 8 hours of work. A Google search turned up pretty much nothing. Posted via Android Central App

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