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Mono for Android Could Bring More Windows Developers to Android

Wednesday 06th of April 2011 /
Novell has announced that Mono for Android is now available for C# and .NET developers to enjoy. If you don’t know, these languages are widely-used by Windows developers on the desktop and is the primary programming language for developing apps on Microsoft’s mobile devices.With Mono, developers who swear up and down by C# and .NET can now bypass java and develop apps for Android in the language they love. It’s similar to what kept Mozilla from developing Firefox for Android – the Android SDK only had support for applications written in Java while Mozilla does everything in C++. The release of the NDK opened that opportunity and now Firefox is one of the most popular browsers on the market.We’re not sure who exactly would want to or will be bringing these Windows-bred applications to Android so it’ll be interesting to see how well Mono takes off. It’s a pricey technology to pick up, though – you’ll have to pay $400 for the professional edition of the license and $999 if you’re developing for enterprise. Those who already pai

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Why the Oracle-IBM pact could spell disaster for Android

Wednesday 13th of October 2010 /
This past monday, it was announced that Oracle and IBM were buddying up  to collaborate on OpenJDK, which is Oracle’s open source Java implementation.//For those of you who aren’t up to speed on the whole Oracle versus Google fiasco, know that Oracle is suing Google over what it feels are patent infringements over Google’s use of Java in the Android OS, which Oracle took over the rights to when they acquired Sun Microsystems.Now, you may be wondering why IBM being thrown into the mix could be bad news for Google. As it turns out, Android apps are primarily coded in a restricted offset of the Java language, and Android’s ability to run this Java code has its foundation in the Harmony project, which is an open source Java implementation which was created under the Apache Software Foundation.The code that makes up Harmony was largely written by IBM employees, which is where things get sticky for Google and Android. In light of this new partnership with Oracle, IBM has said that they will be focusing most of their efforts on OpenJDK with Oracle, leaving ma

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Annoying AirPush spam help

Wednesday 10th of October 2012 /
Good day to the almighty sIII users.I have a problem with one specific airpush notification that pops in my notification bar several times a day. It has an icon of a text message, all written in Chinese language. i've installed several apps including Ad Network Detector, AirPush Detector, Addons Detector and AVG Antivirus trying to fetch the app. non of those programs can trace this annoying app with airpush spam. Although Addons Detector was able to catch Bus Parking 3D which had 2 airpush addons. I've immediately uninstalled it and stopped receiving some notifications, but not this chinese one. i've about 300 apps, so deleting them one by one is not an option. Does anybody have a suggestion how to catch this app, or what it could be in general. any help would be greatly appreciated. also, i think we should organize some sort of a petition addressing android developers in google to stop this DIRTY AirPush business that they currently support

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Help needed in studying feasibility of Android

Sunday 03rd of October 2010 /
Hey all,I'm conducting a pre-project feasibility study on using Android as the OS of choice on a project. I seek info on the following topics:- I've heard there is a C++ NDK for writing native code on Android. What is the level of apps that I can write using this NDK? Can apps written here, be as good as those written using Java? Does this NDK provide an alternative to coding in Java on Android, with complete equivalency as far as libraries, widget sets, UI etc are concerned?- I have libraries for using a particular piece of hardware for Ubuntu. These are in C++. If I can manage to compile all these libraries onto Android, can I use them using the C++ NDK on android to create applications with rich UI?- How good is the Android Scripting Environment? I'm a python programmer and would like to start writing python apps for android. Again, can I use the python interpreter for android to create rich UI? For instance, on S60 phones (nokia), I know that coding in Python is a real alternative for people who don't want to use C++ (the main language for the S60 Programmer). But can I expect si

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Google previews Goggles translate feature at MWC (video)

Wednesday 17th of February 2010 /
The Google Goggles Android app and Google Translate are two slightly flawed but promising products. From a conceptual standpoint, these apps are great and will be must-have tools in the future; however, their present-day practicality is limited thanks to inconsistent scanning technology and sometimes comically bad translation services. Despite those current limitations, I look forward to the day when I can translate scanned text on my Android phone. Google previewed such a feature during their Mobile World Congress keynote. In a video posted to YouTube, a Google engineer is seen using a version of Google Goggles to scan a menu written in German. Goggles then provides a quick translation into English to help diners decide what to order.The OCR translation won’t be pinpoint accurate, as any student who has ever tried to use Google Translate to cheat on a Spanish essay assignment will tell you. (Present company not included, of course). However, this will still be useful to travelers who don’t speak the language of countries they visit. That usefulness can only increase as

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Android Forums - View Single Post - what comp language does android sdk use

Wednesday 08th of July 2009 /
Big news today is that Google is launching an OS based on Chrome, some kind of windowing manager that's going to be sitting on top of Linux.I then I stumbled upon this very useful post researching Google Apps programming, including Android.Since Android was released some new programming languages are supported:Android goes beyond Java, gains native C/C++ dev kit - Ars Technicanotebly C and C++.Also for basic scripting it now supports Python and Lua.As for Google Apps, this supports Java and Python:Google App Engine General Questions - Google App Engine - Google CodeI'm torn between Java and Python. I see Ubuntu is doing quite a bit of good work in I really need to choose a single language that I can become an expert in. Their free Ubuntu One client is written in Python:Ubuntu One Blog of Julian Andres KlodeSo for now I think I'll go with Python.

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