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Should I Root? How?

Thursday 10th of May 2012 /
Hi, im new and wondering if its worth rooting my lg optimus v (virgin mobile)? If so whats the best way to do so. Is there a way to do it without pc?Sent from my VM670 using

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Still worth buying?

Sunday 30th of May 2010 /
Hey guys, Just wondered if its still worth getting a Milestone, remember it coming out and really liking the phone but already had a Hero at the time, but now I no longer have my Hero and haven't for about 5 months now, unfortunately it felt the wrath of my washing machine - it was supposed to be insured but my mum cancelled her policy without telling me :/. The reason i'm interested in the Milestone is the price drop i've noticed and the fact I loved Android. 1. Is it still a good phone to buy?2. Will it continue to receive updates?3. Whats the battery life like?4. Whats it like using google navigation?Cheers.

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Whats Taking Up All My Phone Space

Wednesday 05th of September 2012 /
So I my optimus m has most apps moved to sd card using app2sd. I also rooted my phone and got link2sd, so i could move the apps that were unable to move to sd using app2sd. I've moved remaining apps to sd using link2sd. I only got less than a dozen apps on the internal phone storage and they are apps that use the system and widgets that need to stay on the internal phone. I was able to store a lot more apps on my phone this way, but now im still getting the storage low notification that doesn't let you download more apps or use texts or even store a new number. My question is what is taking up my internal space and how do i get rid of it? I am clueless to whats taking up space. I only see about 18mb worth of apps on my phone using android assistant and thats rounding up. Anyone know whats going on?

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Whats The Most EXPENSIVE App You've Seen

Monday 08th of October 2012 /
OKay, so i was goofing off today, browsing "The Android Marketplace" and came accross an app that almost made me drop an ungodly load when i read the price!!! What is the most expensive app you' ve found in GooglePAY and would you even pay that much for an app? Do you think the app is worth the price? Here's MY contribution and my aswer is "NO" and "NO". I am curious to see if anyone can beat MY BID!!!!

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Miss My Tablet

Sunday 19th of February 2012 /
My coby kyros mid 8024 Tablet turns on displays coby word normaley. but instead of displaying android it shows coby then shuts off. Its Been weeks. and nothing. thinking of taking it togeeksqaud in bestbuy. But I Dont want to pay more than whats it worth.

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Question! For those who use HDMI out regularly

Tuesday 20th of December 2011 /
Alright, I'm wondering if this would work as i hope.I will consider using a froyo rom full-time if its worth it based on what I see here. I need to use my Motorola Triumph as my main "PC" for awhile. using the phone on its own, isnt a problem. It DOES everything I need, its just the fact that holding it in my hands for so long gets tiresome.I have a nice 1080p 22 inch LED PC monitor, with HDMI input.I want to connect my triumph (with froyo rom) to the monitor and use a bluetooth keyboard for when I'm doing more serious browsing or typing.the question I have is this.when you output through HDMI, does it output every screen? like the home screens and every app? does it mirror whats actually on the triumphs screen? like the Duplicate Monitor function on a windows PC?Secondly, does it output in WVGA (480x800) and then upscale, or does it actually resize the android interface to 1280x720?I know the triumph can output video at 720p, but there is a big difference in usability if it outputs the desktop at WVGA upconverted to 720, as opposed to actually resizing interface elements (

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Hi! I Am New!!!!!

Saturday 15th of September 2012 /
Hi! Its nice to see a android forum!! Tmobile cant answer anything. I am 55 yr old lady, unemployed & I have a G2 for 2 yrs & so frustrated that recently i kept getting an error saying "TTS stopped working will send HTC report" Well I call HTC they said re set phone, I did, & IDK if it will work. I also had a problem when calling or receiving calls that nobody can hear me. I took it to a Tmo store I know & they changed the 2 speakers, it worked in the store. I didnt use phone all day then I got a call at 8pm & it wasnt working again,. GRRRRRRRR I posted this in a thread but forgot which one. I brought phone back & told the guy please fix it to last more than an hour.I need to sell it because I am loosing my unemployment. It is in excellent condition always with a cover & screen protector but now whats it worth with no one hearing you on calls? I do hope he fixes it & it lasts. If i have put this in the wrong section, please let me know & I will put it in the right one.Thank youCindy

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Wave and Apollo; or is Bada worth using ?

Tuesday 07th of September 2010 /
So, my GF is upgrading her phone soon, and T-Mo uk offer 2 devices that push all the buttons, (Samsung device, right monthly price, same network) and they are the Wave and the Apollo.Now, as someone who is currently on a Galaxy S, I'm keen to get her onto an android device, just because of the frankly obvious benefits of android. However, I have never actually used or even seen Bada running, and the Wave has nice spec with a 1Ghz processor and 512 ram. However, I have no idea how Bada deals with e-mail or anything, or what its browser is like, and I think that it can't multi-task and such, so the high specs don't seem to be used for a lot. Also, it has some kind of proprietary samsung market thing, and I have no idea whats on offer there. On the other hand there is the Apollo, which is specced at 667mhz, and I imagine 256 of ram since 170 is user accessible. Comes with eclair out of the box, and so gets the standard market place and browser and multitasking. Even though its slow by top end standards, my knee jerk reaction is to say that sexy android goodness will still be sexy, espec

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What Do You Guys Think Of Dell Streak? - Page 2

Sunday 06th of June 2010 /
Originally Posted by dimmakherbs Originally Posted by pricej636 Originally Posted by dimmakherbsbig phone, small works on BT only if i recall. would rather wait for a 7-10" screen.Also think Im waiting for Google to release a more 'tablet' version of Android to ensure a proper purchase. Gonna see this fall whats available.It makes calls like a traditional phone, however every review I have read claims it is awkward as hell to hold it like that. Personally, I don't think it has a very good niche in the market at all. Its going to be too big for a phone, and too small for a tablet. Just a personal opinion of course. Other than the big screen, the specs aren't anything different than whats on the market now.I see. Then I must have read that Dell said that they expect calls to be used with BT, not that they have to. either way thats funny. I mean is adding an inch to my current screen really gonna be worth $500 to watch an occasional video? hmmm... I just don't understand, but I am definantly buying an android tablet this fall in the 7-10" segment, and I have seen

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ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity 700 - whats my seemingly broken tablet worth?

Wednesday 30th of October 2013 /
my tablet doesnt work properly.. boots up to a broken android logo.. i dont know how to fix it, frankly dont even care anymore since i never had a use for the keyboard, never had a use for the extra processing power either, a cheap e-reader would suit me just fine (since i mostly just store books and recipes with some light web browsing) so.. it boots up to that screen, i dont have the tools, patience, or know-how to fix it, it has a keyboard, a fake leather case, a USB adapter, and no scratches.. so in this condition if i was going to sell it, what would be a fair price?.. it was used for about 3 months before this issue.. im hoping its worth atleast enough to get a cheaper 7 inch tablet with?

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