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as soon as i turn on my S3 it load up to where it says android

Monday 01st of April 2013 /
as soon as i turn on my S3 it load up to where it says android 4G then it just show the Samsung logo glowing and it just stays like thatOptional Information: Type of Device: PhoneBrand: samsungWhat have you tried so far?: turning the phone off and on

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How To: Setup, Configure, and use Google Now - Android Authority

Tuesday 03rd of July 2012 /
What is Google Now?There’s some confusion out there in the Android world. Google Now is not Android’s “Siri killer”, that’s Voice Search (which you can get to and use from within Google Now). Google Now is much, much more than an application that listens to queries and spits out answers. I’m not even sure we can call Google Now a virtual assistant either. Google Now is about automating your life and in return, making your life easier. Google Now does that by providing a vast amount of information, pertinent to you, at your fingertips. There’s just one catch though. Those of your that often go full tin foil hat mode really won’t be able to fully enjoy Google Now to its’ full potential. So take off your head gear and let’s get started.[Google Now] tells you today’s weather before you start your day, how much traffic to expect before you leave for work, when the next train will arrive as you’re standing on the platform, or your favorite team’s score while they’re playing. And the best part? All of this happens autom

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China Is Now Android’s Largest Market, with US in Second Place

Wednesday 19th of December 2012 /
This was bound to happen eventually, considering it has 4 times the population of US, but China has finally surpassed US as the country with the most Android smartphones. A third of Android devices are now being sold in China, while only 11% of them are being sold in US.What does this show us? It shows that while US is a big market on its own, smartphone manufacturers can’t ignore the rest of the world (like Motorola has done, for example) and they especially can’t ignore China. China has seen an explosive growth over the past year, growing 85%, which is higher  than any other country. Android smartphones exceeded 50% of sales in the first half of 2012, and over two thirds for the whole year. And it looks like it will surpass an even bigger share for the whole of next year, as Android has already reached 90% last quarter.How are the iPhone and WP phones doing then? Not so well. The iPhone had 5% market share this year in China, and WP only 1%, and it’s looking to get an extra 1% in 2013. Also analysts anticipate that iPhone sales in US will drop in 2013 to 34 milli

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'Where's my Android Phone' to run on a Tablet.

Thursday 22nd of March 2012 /
Hi gang.I'm looking for a "Where's my Android phone" app that will run on an Android 2.3 tablet (a NextBook Premium8). It's for my elderly mother so she can check the tablet to see where I am at any given time (a peace-of-mind thing). It needs be very easy to interpret the location, so I think displaying my location on Google maps would be best. Lat & Long won't mean anything to her (or to most people).I know that tablets can't receive SMS messages, but maybe there's another way this can work?Any such thing?

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Where does your Android phone place?

Sunday 23rd of May 2010 /
So, where do think what droid phones fit where? where do you think the mytouch matches up with others? while some of the phones have similar processors some work differntly than others. once android 2.1 is released on the main phones such as the cliq, and the mytouch where do you think your phone ranks? i love my mytouch and i cant wait for the update!

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Question about the "Where's My Android" app

Wednesday 10th of February 2010 /
My G1 was stolen yesterday and I have the Where's My Android application installed on it. I've been texting the phrase I picked to my phone 24/7 in hopes that it will send me back the GPS location like its supposed. I haven't been getting any replies from my phone though. Does the app only work if the phone is on?Also, if someone sold my phone and somebody bought it, could somebody change the number?

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You Thought Fragmentation was Bad Now? Android Could Split into 2 for Phones

Sunday 27th of March 2011 /
As the Android OS attempts to become more unified, it’s still very much so fragmented. For the everyday kind of consumer it can be very confusing; phones still running 1.6 Donut, others running 2.1 Éclair, most running 2.2 Froyo (even new ones being released with it), and the latest (for phones at least) 2.3 Gingerbread (which is only currently available on 2 phones). I’m not even counting 3.0 Honeycomb here, because it’s not designed for phones and Google won’t even give the source code yet because of that.But now lets throw an extra scenario out there. Google clearly wants Android to be on as many phones as possible, this includes entry-level and low-end smartphones. Now, clearly these phones can’t possibly run the same OS and APIs as a high-end phone can, especially at the rate that technology is advancing in the mobile sector, they simply don’t have the processing power needed. This is where the fragmentation would get worse. In order to suit lower-end phones with lower specs, Google would have to release an entirely separate operating system that would enable these

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Now Android File Trasfer Unable to connect to phone on Mac

Monday 11th of June 2012 /
My Nexus is rooted and now Android File Transfer keeps giving me an error message, "unable to connect to device." Is there another app or another way for me to transfer files from my Mac to my Nexus? Besides bluetooth or getting a pc...

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Android devices getting bigger and better.. now where's the Android IDE?

Sunday 03rd of April 2011 /
Oh how awesome would it be to have an actual IDE, say, like Visual Studio, on the app market? This would be great, considering Android can run on a laptop now days (did it through emulator, buggy, but cool that it runs x86)... And now I see the Galaxy S 10.1, I would love to have "Visual Android Studio" running on my device, with a keyboard and mouse on it.. F5 runs the application just like Visual Studio C# does on Windows Think we'll ever see this? I guess I better KEEP dreaming!

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performance - Where to find Android benchmarks results?

Sunday 29th of August 2010 /
I am looking for a site where to find Android benchmark results for the different smartphones and android builds.

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