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Why does my Android 2.2 powered Samsung Galaxy I5510 receive duplicated messages (SMS)?

Friday 07th of January 2011 /
I own a brand new Samsung Galaxy I5510 (Android 2.2). Everything works fine and I really like the device. My problem is:Every time Some times I receive a message from a phone number that is not in my contact list, the phone continues receiving it every few hours. Facts I pointed out:The time between those messages is not constant.It never happened when the number was in my contact list.Deleting the thread does not solve the problem.The senders do not fool me and send the message again and again.It seems to stop after a day or two.restart of the phone does not solve the problem.I am not sure if it really receives the message again or if it just copies the old one.Does anybody has an idea what could cause the described behavior?Thank you!EDIT: Another point why it is not likely to be a provider issue: I never received a duplicated message while the phone was turned off. Means: I never switched the phone on in the morning and received one or more such messages instantly.EDIT 2: I looked through all the phone log. It happened by now for two numbers. Both were not in my contact list. The

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Why does my android phone gain battery when I turn it off and on again?

Saturday 30th of June 2012 /
When I got my new android phone (ZTE N762), I noticed something. If my phone is about halfway on battery, and I turn it off for a few hours, it will gain battery life when I turn it back on, around 5%-10%. I use this trick whenever I'm low on battery.Does anyone know why this is?

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why does my phone charge so slow since i updated to JB

Saturday 30th of March 2013 /
ever i updated to jb my phone charges super super super slow. i turned my phone off to let it charge for 2 hours and it was at 10 % when i turned it back on and it was at 1 when i turned it off anyone know how to make it charge faster

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Why is my android os so high?

Tuesday 18th of December 2012 /
Hi all, I have one question. Am trying to figure why my android os hovers around 65%. I use Microsoft exchange and gmail. I have adjusted syncing, I tried a battery monitor and that told me 121 wakelocks, which in my understanding isn't too bad. I get 16-18 hours on a charge with moderate use, but still need to know if anyone else is having same numbers. I am on sprint if that makes a difference, any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Why does my android tablet block certain websites?

Thursday 16th of February 2012 /
Why does my android tablet block certain websites?Already Tried: I have tried to load many websites and I get a notice that I do not have access to the site. But If I try the same site from my laptop, I have no problem getting into the site.

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Why has my phone gotten so slow?

Sunday 06th of January 2013 /
My Triumph has gotten very slow. There is like a 5 second delay when I touch an app to when it actually launches the app. A black screen usually shows up before the app's title bar does. It lags when I unlock (I'm using the Holo style ring lock). Wi-Fi turns on slow. The phone is just overall sluggish. Is it because I didn't do factory resets before flashing updated ROMs? I have never done this. I usually wipe the cache before I flash an updated ROM but I forgot the last two times. I've updated CM7 to CM7, I've never used a CM9 ROM. Running Fast Reboot used to help, but it doesn't really anymore. How can I make the phone less slow without doing a factory reset?

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Why is my 4G Hotspot so slow???

Sunday 06th of May 2012 /
Just added the hotspot feature to my Rezound. My 4G on the phone is blazing fast at 25-30mbps download with 4-6mbps upload consistently. Unfortunately, when I use my laptop through the hotspot, I average about 2mbps download and 4mbps upload. Why is it so slow??? I can't stand it.

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Why does my Android phone think my partitioned SD card is damaged?

Tuesday 18th of February 2014 /
For some reason, my Android phone, running on Gingerbread 2.3.3 keeps saying that my mini SD card is damaged and refuses to let me use it, when it is just partitioned. I partitioned it so that I could use Link2SD, but now it says there is no SD card there. Is there any way to make my card accept the partitioned card?

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Why does my android system...

Monday 09th of June 2014 /
Hello All, I was wondering why my android system and os run at a high rate all the time. I feel like this is contributing to unnecessary battery drain. I'll leave my phone sitting on standby all night and sometimes it burns through 50% of the battery. Thus drives me nuts, other times it will only use 4%. Could anyone tell me what may be causing this? Photo attached. Sent from my SM-G900W8 using AC Forums mobile app

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Why is my phone charging so slow? Also why does it decrease sometimes?

Tuesday 21st of October 2014 /
My phone usually charges fast. This is my second replacement phone...and this morning it said 30% when it was on the charger for the whole night. So when I went to school I plugged it into my laptop and it decreased after a while when I tried it again, it started charging. Had this problem before but now its taking hours to get up to 50%. Sorry for the long post.

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