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Youtube extremely slow over wifi?

Wednesday 16th of May 2012 /
Hello!I was just wondering if its normal for the youtube app to be extrenemy slow over wifi, as mine will take well over 5 minutes to load a video. (I don't know much after that because I stopped waiting.) Why do you think this may be? Is there not enough phone space left or something? Please help this android newbie!You can ask any questions you need to, and I'll tru to answer.Thanks!

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Featured: Google TV Customers Not Left In The Dark, Will Get Airplay-Like Functionality

Wednesday 25th of July 2012 /
The future of Google TV has been a bit grim as of late. During Google I/O last month, the developer conference dedicated to all things Google, Android and beyond, no updates or new features were announced for Google TV which had a lot of people scratching their heads. Surely if there was something new coming to the platform, employees would have announced it at I/O.According to GigaOM, there is some good news for customers. Airplay-like functionality will eventually be making its way over to Google TV. Available on the Youtube app first, the functionality will then open up to third party developers. In case you’re not familiar with the functionality, basically it allows you to control media directly on the TV from a tablet or smartphone.Updates and/or new features are very slow getting to Google TV and one can’t help but wonder if the Nexus Q, the media streaming devices unveiled at Google I/O, is the company’s vision of the next evolution of TV and why we haven’t seen much in regards to improving the existing product. For example, the Nexus Q already has Airp

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A Non-Authoritative Android Tablet Buying List: What to Get, What to Avoid (2010) - Page 3

Wednesday 01st of December 2010 /
Sorry for not replying. Was just dropping by to update on the Nook Color and didn't realize there were replies. Originally Posted by CoolerKingDear xaueious, Why is TCC8902 still the preferred budget platform, even if it's around 3 times as slow as the Cortex A8, and probably doesn't have as bright a future in terms of 3.0 support etc? Also, in another post around these forums you were talking about adding the 8 inch MID802 as a recommendation (with caveats).. are you still planning to do this?As you probably already know, a firmware project is going on for it, and it has better specs than the Wits, so it probably already deserves a mention. ps. 8 inch seems to be turning into a new trend for these tablets and if you look at reviews such as's (YouTube - shanzaidotcom's Channel), people that tried this size seem to give it the edge over the 7 inch form factor.. TCC8902 is the preferred budget platform because: 1) it's stable2) it's a good $100 cheaper than the closest mature Cortex A8 alternative3) it outperforms the HTC G1, which is the baseline device Android developers

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Curtis klu LT8025 - Page 3

Thursday 21st of April 2011 /
Purchased on at...Wait for it...Big Lots. The 20% savings is only after you make 5 purchases of 25 bucks. So bought one.Pretty slow movers...I was at two different Bot Lots, and they had them into the week.Pretty decent Resistive Tablet - WIFI works great with MIFI card - Pretty quickI purchased $12 SD Micro card (8G) - This thing has 2 will find out how far it will go.SD card makes Xfer easy.Able to find Youtube App for Android 2.1 - Works have Youtube, Book Reader, Internet Tablet - Perfect for Lunchtime browsing.With 1Gb Processor, don't know why FROYO (2.2) could not work - Not a Android tech, so I will have to read up on how to do it.Apparently you need an "ANDROID ID" to use the official "Android Marketplace" - Somehow tied to phone number.Reading tells me you have to download SDK and set up "FAKE" Android device to get number - not sure how.Amazing Piece for $150 - Would have liked it for $120, but worried they would run out.With TAB at $350, IPAD at $500, Xoom at $600 (unsubsidized), This is a Steal. Has Headphone, but buil

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Time stones at the ready -- Sonic CD now available for Android

Thursday 15th of December 2011 /
SEGA has just released Sonic the Hedgehog CD on Android, as well as a few other platforms. The Android version is available for $1.99 on the US Market, or £1.29 in the UK. Sonic CD, which first appeared on the Mega CD (SEGA CD) back in 1993, is fondly remembered for its fast platform gameplay and over-the-top, J-Pop-inspired soundtrack.A few words of warning, though -- some users are reporting slow playback on certain devices, including the Droid Bionic and the shiny new Samsung Galaxy Nexus. So you may want to hold off if you're planning on playing it on one of those devices.The game worked flawlessly on the handful of Gingerbread devices we tried, however. SEGA has enabled widescreen support too, so you won't have to deal with any black bars. There's also the option to forego the English soundtrack in favor of the crazier Japanese original. Trust us, that's a good thing.Why? The answer, along with the Market link and QR code, lies after the break...YouTube link for mobile viewing

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Why is YouTube slow on wifi?

Thursday 27th of December 2012 /
Whenever I am watching YouTube on wifi it is constantly buffering. I often have to switch off "HD" just finish the damn video. When I'm on 4G its fast and no buffering. I have an N router on fios. It isn't just my wifi its any wifi. I'll post my speeds for wifi and 4G I don't see any reason it should perform so badly over wifi. Anyone else have this issue? 4G Wifi Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Android Central Forums

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Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 is really slow sometimes

Saturday 23rd of November 2013 /
I have recently bought a samsung galaxy ace 2, as it was a really cheap smart phone.My girlfriend has had this phone as well. Her's was android version 2.3.The one that I bought had new firmware, android 4.1.2.Sometimes my phone is really slow, it takes ages to respond, and sometimes it even restarts by itself. These things happen more frequently when I am on youtube, chrome browser and other programs like these.The only services that I have installed are:1) Facebook2) Navigator (a GPS navigation program - don't know why it needs a service though)3) ViberThe other services were already installed, and they are not many.And this is the really strange thing:My girlfriend has never had any kind of these problems on her 2.3 Ace 2. But when she upgraded to 4.1 as well, she told me that she feels her phone is a lot slower! This means the phone is not slow because its hardware is bad, but something is wrong with the software.Is there generally something wrong with this firmware (4.1) on this phone? What can I do to fix it?Would installing a custom firmware improve this situation?

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unable to browse 'https' sites.

Tuesday 14th of January 2014 /
i think it's my router again (Netgear WNR2000v3) but want to be sure. i seem to be having issues browsing sites with 'https' in the URL. they either load extremely slow or say 'page load error/unable to load website (Camino/chrome)'. sites with just 'http' only work perfectly fine, including this forum site. Bing search works perfectly fine, Google search (which uses https) does not. i cannot access Play Store, YouTube claims no internet (in the app) and i cannot otherwise browse anything https-related. i've gone over all my router settings, even reset to defaults, but am thinking my ISP is blocking those sites. not sure why though. In Android, iOS, i can access 1Mobile Market, Amazon App Store, Samsung Media, iTunes, App Store,, but if i dare try to load the Play Store, YouTube app, go to in the browser, or use any other service relating to Google it's either intermittent, extremely slow, or fails to load at all.

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HTC one internet problems

Tuesday 21st of January 2014 /
When my phone is on wifi it is really complaints.But when im on data and want to get on youtube or pretty much any app like youtube it loads SO SLOW that it irritates me,Facebook and instagram pictures load slow too.Its annoying that im scared it might be my phone thats slow....anybody else have this problem? My phone is fast everywhere else(not rooted).I clear my cache and uninstall all apps i dont use,i dont understand why it takes so long.Any way i can speed it up? Posted via Android Central App

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S4 Help needed (Warning: Long story)

Monday 22nd of September 2014 /
Hey guys, let me just start off by saying I have spent almost 8 hours straight today trying to figure this out and dig myself out of a hole I've created for myself, that being said, I'm going to try and be as detailed as possible so you guys know EXACTLY where I am and what I've tried. This post looks long but that's because it is. It's pretty much my entire day's worth of trouble typed out. So just bare with me and see if you guys can help me out here!I have a T-Mobile Galaxy S4 model: SGH-M919 it has Android 4.4.2. Now on to the problem: I've had this phone for almost a year now and a few months ago I rooted it. Did a simple Youtube tutorial and used Odin to do the work and everything worked out fine. A couple months down the road (yesterday), after using the phone like a teenager, downloading apps and cluttering it up it started to slow down and not run some apps. After thinking about it I decided to factory reset it. All of my contacts, photos, and videos were backed up on Google so I thought "why not?" Well, this is where $#!% hit the fan.. being rooted then factory re

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