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Why wont my phone download picture messages?

Tuesday 27th of December 2011 /
hi my samsung admire wont download incoming pictures and i dont know the problem please help me. i uninstalled a battery saver app if that helps

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moto x camera wont work

Wednesday 13th of August 2014 /
ok i own a moto x. the past few days it has started to tell me that the backwards camera is busy when i try to use it. ive tried multiple times to fix the problem with restarting the phone. i have cleared the camera data in side the app settings. still didnt work. i have factory reset my phone. still told me the camera was busy but can take pictures of myself with the front facing camera. i did a little research and other people have had the same problem. one person said put it in safe mode to disable the apps the back facing camera worked until i flipped it to the front facing and then i tried to flip it back to back and it told me that it was busy again. the part i dont undersatnd is if it worked for a second on safe mode, but why not when i factory reset it? i didnt download anything back to the phone. well someone please help me fix my camera, thanks!

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why wont this phone let me have emojis for instagram

Tuesday 02nd of June 2015 /
On instagram I cant put any emojis for commenting on pictures, when I post something I cant add any emojis , and I cant even add any emojis to my bio and I wanna know if there is something I need to do in my settings or even download something from the app store.

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