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Workaround for missing or disappearing App icons and Apps moved to SD

Thursday 08th of September 2011 /
Just found this solution and not sure if it has been posted to the general forums.I use "Apps 2 SD" to save precious space and move things out of internal storage to a SD card. Problem symptoms after doing so : App icons would disappear from folders and the main home screensApps would disappear from the "Apps 2 SD" listing and All Apps listingsSometimes App icons would still remain but clicking on it would throw up an error that the App is not found/installed on the systemAll said icons were definitely related to ones that were moved to the SD card. Unmounting/mounting and rebooting sometimes helps to recover them but not always. In fact, sometimes the reboot will make the generic icon disappear entirely.After much research, I tried out "Apps Organizer", which lets you categorize your apps and create widget folders for the categories. These widget folders can be placed on home screens and are refreshed when the widget is loaded and also when you click on them.So far so good ... powering off and rebooting ... and the missing icons/apps issue seems to have

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The HTC Sense 5 app drawer: Making simple complicated

Tuesday 12th of March 2013 /
If there's one feature of HTC's new Sense 5 that's taken us extra time to get used to, it's the new app drawer. HTC's attempt to simplify things has, in fact, made them more complicated. That's partly due to the new home screen scheme, with BlinkFeedanchored to the far left at all times (even if you never use it). It's also partly due to the app drawer itself.That's not to say it's without some interesting new features. But they almost seem forced together in a way that makes sense once you're familiar with them. Good luck explaining all this to a first-time Android user, though.We'll explain.Join the discussion in the HTC One forumsGrid sizeOpen the app drawer for the first time, and something looks ... odd. HTC has opted for a 3-by-4 grid of icons by default. Only, it actually looks like 3-by-3 at first, because that weather/clock widget is up top. It'll disappear as you scroll down. There's a thin bar of options just below that widget, and it disappears when you scroll down, too. Hit the overflow menu on the right (that's th

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All Home Screen Icons disappearing

Friday 27th of November 2009 /
I getting this bug where ALL my home screen icons (on all three home screens) will disappear completely. I can add new icons, and the phone basically thinks it's totally empty. However, when i reset my phone via removing the battery, all my icons magically appear...for a while...then they all disappear again and I have no way of making them reappear except resetting. Anyone have any clue a fix for this? or what program might be causing this? I've uninstalled all the alternative Home's, and have minimal widgets on my homescreen (like two I think - battery widget and something else i think)

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All shortcuts and widgets disappear from home screen after 2.1 update

Wednesday 31st of March 2010 /
Since I applied the 2.1 update (manually) I have had all icons and widgets disappear from my home screen 2 times. Each time it was after updating an app in the market (Easy Spirit Level, Bluetooth File Transfer, and Astro). I updated Easy Spirit Level first and while it was downloading and installing I set the phone aside. A couple of minutes later when I woke it up and hit Home I was left with nothing but a picture frame widget; all other icons and widgets were gone from all 3 home screens. I rebooted and all was well.Next I updated Astro and Bluetooth File Transfer and did the same thing, let the backlight time out. When I woke it back up and hit Home this time, everything was gone from all 3 home screens. Again I rebooted and all was well again.I tried installing a new app to see if I could replicate it that way but didn't have any trouble.I'm wondering if it has anything at all to do with the market or just coincidence. And if it is market related, is it exclusive to updates and not installs? And... if it is updates, does letting the phone go to sleep while downloading and instal

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two weather widget aps and losing homescreen

Sunday 02nd of May 2010 /
I just noticed that when I look at my aps, the new news/weather widget/ap shows up twicealso, i have had some issues lately where my homescreen has gone blank and i cannot get it back without rebootedi am unrooted, 2.1 and stock home. i have used different homescreens before but they are all uninstalled2 questionsif i lose my homescreen, is there a way to get it back without rebooting (by losing it, i mean all my icons disappear. i can still access my ap drawer) is having the two weather things listed in my aps a big deal? Should i do a reset?

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Bookmarks view: List instead of Icons. How to do it.

Monday 16th of August 2010 /
Bookmarks view: List instead of Icons. How to do it.For HTC EVO 4G (2.2)How to change the appearance of your bookmarks from the large Icons Grid style, to the smaller, but readable List style. The List style lets you see more of your bookmarks.1. Go to the Home Page titled “Bookmarks”.2. Select this page by pressing on the word “Bookmarks”, and lingering your finger on it until it turns red, then drag your finger to the bottom of the screen.The bookmarks will disappear, and the screen will be empty.3. Again, press and linger your finger into the middle of the empty screen, and a screen will appear with selections. 4. Select Widget. Another list will appear, of the various widgets. 5. Select Bookmarks HTC. You will note the text at the top of the screen, “Select a widget style (1 of 2)”.6. If you like the existing thumbnail view, then press the “Select” button at the bottom of the screen.. 7. If you would rather have the bookmarks appear as a list, then press the arrow (>) at the bottom of the screen8. If you like the list style, then

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Widget Icons disappear

Monday 24th of June 2013 /
Every time I have to restart my phone, the widget icons I have disappear from the home screen. It also happens when I add a new app. It seems to get locked up for awhile and then when it comes back, the icons are gone too. Does anyone know how to make this stop happening? Thanks!!!!!!!!

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FAVORITES people widget contacts disappear!

Thursday 26th of December 2013 /
I have an HTC Droid Incredible 2. One of the formats which comes standard on the HTC which I like includes the FAVORITES people which I believe is called a widget. It is a screen where you can select contacts and, if they have photos (or not), it provides them as icons which you can use for speed dial or text (depending on how you set each contacts preferences). I keep adding contacts and sometimes they stay for a couple minutes or a day and then they disappear. I try readding them but they keep disappearing. I have recycled phone but it makes no difference. Can somebody help me solve?

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Favorites facial icons suddenly disappeared

Monday 25th of August 2014 /
On the wife's HTC One Mini, suddenly most, but not all, of the facial icons in her "Favorites" disappeared. If, while on the page with the Favorites widget that shows 14 favorite contacts, I hit the group icon in the upper right corner, it shifts to a new frame that shows all the facial icons as they originally were. Shift back to the original page and the majority of the faces disappear. If I try to dial a contact by typing their name after hitting the phone icon and getting the keypad up, their face shows up, but as soon as I tap their number, the facial icon goes back to generic. This all started when I installed and uninstalled Waze, don't know if there is a connection.If I add a new person to the favorite widget, their facial icon will show up for a while, and then without doing anything on the phone, the facial icon disappears, going back to the generic shadow.Any ideas? Thanks!

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[WIDGET|4.1+] Bubble Cloud Widgets ~ "Apple Watch"

Monday 06th of October 2014 /
Place apps and bookmarks in Apple Watch style "circle clouds" on your homescreen → What looks silly on a watch face makes perfect sense for our homescreens!LINK►►►Bubble Cloud Widgets in the Google Play Store (FREE | $0.99 PREMIUM) The current version of this app includes two types of Bubble Cloud Widgets:►App Bubbles (launcher icons)►Bookmark Bubbles (weblinks) "THEY ARE ALIVE"►bubbles in the clouds change size dynamically: they grow with use►new bubbles appear in the center of the cloud►unused bubbles shrink to become dwarfs and can eventually disappear►you may add and remove bubbles manually, app bubble clouds can auto populate (see below)►when a widget is removed, its contents can be retained and used in another widget APP BUBBLES►clouds of colorful clickable circles which launch applications►the bubbles show each app's launcher icon in a matching color circle►add apps one by one or in bulk by Play Store categories►place any number of clouds on your homescreens [Free version limit: 1 cloud]►newly installed apps appear in auto-

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