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WiFi DNS settings

Monday 12th of April 2010 /
I have a couple parts to this question. First does anybody know how to look what DNS settings you get from WiFi? The reason for that is because I cannot type the internal name of my internal website when I'm on the Wifi. But I can type in the IP address of it and it will go there with no problems. I've also noticed that with a remote desktop app not finding a machine unless I put in the IP address. So I wanted to check if it was getting the correct DNS info.Anybody else have this issue?

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WiFi Hotspot: "No Internet"

Thursday 05th of January 2012 /
I've been trying to bring up the WiFi Hotspot on my Exhibit II but get "no internet" reports from the connecting device.I follow the book procedure to activate the hotspot: 1. Turn WiFi off2. Make sure the data network is activated: Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Use Packet Data (checked)3. Turn on the hotspot: Settings > Wireless and Network > Tethering and Portable Hotspot > Portable WiFi Hotspot Settings. Set the hotspot SSID name and security. (Tried both WPA & Open with no luck) I can see the hotspot with my laptop and connect to it, but the connection reports "no internet." My laptop's WiFi troubleshooting utility reported that the hotspot had no DNS available. My guess is that the hotspot's DHCP server is either missing or inactive, and that the hotspot isn't issuing IP's to connecting devices.Does anyone have a fix for this problem?BTW: my network connection is T-Mobile 4G.Many thanks in advance!Tom in Seattle

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Comcast and my Wifi

Saturday 05th of June 2010 /
Hello everyone, so I have Comcast and a Linksys wireless router, and everytime I try to get on the net with my wifi connection, the browser tells me my operating system is not supported for the installation wizard.I was able to get through that by manually changing the DNS settings on my old Windows Mobile phone, while still keeping everything the same and I found a way to change the DNS settings on my Droid, but that has me set everything manually, the IP address, the netmask and the Gateway. Does anyone else have comcast with a wifi router and got it working correctly?

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Wifi and 3G issues

Monday 07th of May 2012 /
I'm fast developing a love/hate relationship with my Galaxy note. I've finally switched over from a geriatric iPhone 3G and generally very happy except for using wifi.I can connect to my home network, but the majority of networks result in identifying and connecting to the wifi - but it constantly searches for the ip address and says 'wifi disabled'.I've found one workaround, but it's not perfect. This is to manually enter the IP Address, Gateway, DNS settings etc but to add 1 to the last number in the IP address and switch on static IP. But it doesnt store those details in relation to this uses that setting for every wifi network and there's no way of getting hold of the details in public or hotel wifi networks etc without carrying my iphone around to find wifi network details then loading them into the Note.Other things I've triedFlight mode on/offfactory reset Toggling wifi sleep policyUsing Opera instead of the proprietary softwareSwearing at itNone of these have worked, meanwhile the old 3G still connects perfectly to every wifi network I've asked it to. Some googling suggets th

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DNS settings for a wifi connection

Saturday 21st of July 2012 /
hi all, im new here and new to android phones as well...long story short, i had that DNS malicious software on my network that got my internet shut down on March 9th. The only way i was able to fix that was by manually putting in comcasts DNS settings into my computer, playstation, and my previous phone (iphone, flame on if you must, but damn it was so easy to just go into the network from that phone and easily imput the correct DNS settings). the problem im having now is that with my new galaxy 3, i dont know of any way to manually enter these DNS settings to connect to my home network. im also a bit of a computer noob so im completely helpless...does anyone know of any solutions?

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installing unblock US

Sunday 02nd of June 2013 /
I have a Lenovo A2109 and followed the instructions to change my DNS settings in the advanced section under modify my network (wifi) now I have an authentication problem and the device does not connect to wifi at all. I have gone back into modify my network to make an attempt to set back to the original DNS setting and now the option to save (changes) is greyed out. I have powered off and on and made the change back attempt several times but no joy. does anyone have any similar problems and or a solution. If you are able to help please keep it very simple as I am not tech savy at all but just follow step by step instructions. I also set up unblock us on my desk top PC and that all works fine - I can watch US content on Netflix and wifi connection works perfectly. Thanks

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Wifi problems with 4.3/Nexus 4

Sunday 11th of August 2013 /
I purchased my first android phone on monday and have been having a fun time with it as of yet. I've traditionally been a blackberry and ios enthusiast but the allure of an unlocked nexus 4 running stock at a low price point tempted me in ways I hadn't suspected. Anyway, since purchasing the phone I've had a fairly smooth transition with the exception of some compatibility issues with my telus smart hub(router with built in sim card for rural area customers)I'm able to connect to my sisters network as well as a variety of hotspots but my home network just will not cooperate. When I connect I'm treated to a greyed out status icon rather than the traditional blue variety and am unable to send or receive data over the network. So far I've tried changing my routers DNS settings, toggling through different encryption methods, power cycling the router/phone, toggling airplane mode,forgetting all networks, setting the phone to 2.4ghz only and a few other steps. All other devices function on the network including a windows 8 laptop, windows 7 desktop, ipad 2,my old blackberry, and even some

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Help with DNS changing

Wednesday 14th of August 2013 /
I purchased one of these ^^ , however I need to change the wireless DNS settings and all the apps I've tried require root access, is this easy to set up? Or is there a non root alternative? I read that you can just long hold on the wifi settings and show advanced, but there isn't the option for DNS that I see in other videos. (Wasn't quite sure where to post this)

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DNS issues??

Tuesday 08th of April 2014 /
Phone = LG G2 (AT&T)Android Version = 4.4.2 Ever since updating my phone to Kitkat, I have had DNS issues with google over Wifi connections. Whenever I try to connect to "" (on Chrome or Firefox), it says that it can't find the DNS server, or simply that the webpage could not be found for I downloaded Opera Browser for Android, and I can connect to on Opera, but not Chrome or Firefox. This issue persists over all Wifi connections i connect to. This issue only happens when I am on Wifi, not mobile data. Another weird thing is that this issue ONLY happens when I try to connect to all other webpages that I try work perfectly fine. This is an issue for me as Google is the search engine of choice among my Internet adventures. You would think that my Wifi settings need to be changed since this problem only happens via Wifi not 4G, but it happens on all the 4+ Wifi connections I've connected to. I think the issue is either with Kitkat (since the problem never happened before I updated), or my phone. Is there a way I can change

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Change DNS without using Static IP?

Thursday 04th of December 2014 /
<rant>Its almost 2015 now and yet we still can't set custom DNS settings for a particular WiFi connection. I just don't understand how this basic networking is not included. I was hoping in Lollipop it would be fixed. Apple makes this very easy. Open the WiFi connection > go to DNS > changes settings > enjoy. Better yet is that it remembers the settings upon disconnecting and reconnecting to the WiFi connection. I don't want to set Static IPs on my devices. I have multiple DNS servers in the office and I routinely need to change my settings. And no I don't want to download some third party app just to manage my DNS settings. Or setup DNS Leases for each of my devices. Come on Google this is basic networking. </rant> Just frustrating is all because every Windows, OS X, Linux, IOS device can do this except Android... Any suggestions by anyone is appreciated.

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