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T-Mobile G1 - Gmail on G1 saying "No Connection"

Sunday 07th of December 2008 /
I brilliantly dropped my Blackberry on the concrete floor of the parking garage where I work, so I got myself a new T-Mobile G1. I've fought the basic fight so far, unlocked it, gotten it to work with my provider, and can now happily make calls and surf the net just fine. The problem I have is with the GMail application. I can't get off the ground because as soon as it loads, it says "No Connection". Google Maps works fine and can connect. I can browse all over the net. My contacts from Gmail are all there. Just the Gmail application doesn't work. Any ideas (other than use Gmail in a browser)?

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Desire says: "Limited Service" Emergency Calls Only

Wednesday 03rd of November 2010 /
Hi all,Let's start from first: I bought a t-mobile desire from someone. when I got it, it was rooted and an official htc middle east rom flashed on it (...and unrooted)Both seller and me have a local sim card (Not t-mobile) but it worked for him and not for me It displays a "Limited Service", "Emergency Calls Only" message. when I search for operators it list my operator but when I choose that android can't register on it. PS:1. I rooted it again and flashed LeeDroid rom on it but no success2. Seller did a hard reset before giving it to me (I guess it generated the problem)3. Sim card is correct4. Seller is not scam!Help me solve this puzzle , are my last chance!

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USB mounting "PC Connection" disabled?

Wednesday 14th of November 2012 /
Just received my Kyocera Hydro, setting it up today for work, I want to USB connect to the PC to transfer some music over, using iSyncr.But, in the Settings, under "PC Connection" it's set to default connection type of "charge only" and the other two options, Mass Storage, and Media transfer are gray-ed out and non selectable. I think it's relevant to mention that I also set up Exchange ActiveSync (for work) and received a very thorough warning notice about the security controls that will be implemented ... and I accepted that. So I'm wondering if there's something in my company's ActiveSync settings that can lock down USB storage?I did remove that ActiveSync account but the options remain grey-ed out. I also have tried several re-boot cycles of the phone, I've tried the Developer Options / USB Debugging trick that I saw posted here, no luck. Still cannot connect to PC via USB for mass storage. Software version - (4.0.4). Not rooted, just got it new from Boost today. Thanks in advance.

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EasyTether: USB Debugging not working, phone not recognized

Friday 16th of December 2011 /
I am trying to use EasyTether on MetroPcs on Win7for some reasons connecting the phone with USB Debugging checked in "charge only" or "mass storage" mode WILL NOT load the ADB Driver. But if I connect as "internet connection", the phone is recognized by Windows and EastTether and I am now able to connect. Of course EasyTether is not working in "Internet connection" mode. By the way, in the case of "mass storage" I am able to see the content of the phone and SD card, no problem. Only the ADB driver is not loaded and the phone is not recognized by easyTether. How do I make my phone be "recognized" in "charge only" or "mass storage" mode? It's like USB Debugging is not working. I am not sure why. What else can I do to check if that's the case?

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USB Tether is working but the Wifi Hotspot will connect but not actually transfer

Tuesday 04th of June 2013 /
I've done numerous hours researching and nothing is of any help. I've done the entitlement hack, on and off and rebooted each time. It will actually connect. Say I have internet access, but just not transfer data. This is on both my windows 8 and windows 7 machine as well as my ps3 and 3DS. I'm rooted on sys version: 9.16.6.xt926And android version 4.1.2Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Wifi or usb tether not working. "limited connection" windows 8

Sunday 22nd of September 2013 /
Hi, I am trying to tether my zte t760 (telstra touch 2) to my windows 8 laptop. The phone is not rooted but is unlocked using a code and is now on optus. I tether using my other phone fine, with no problems. Also when I tether with the zte and connect to the network using my other phone it is unable to connect to the internet so I assume the problem lies with the zte. I have tried tethering using the android stock method both wifi and usb. Both my laptop finds and connects to but has "limited" access and is unable to connect to the internet. This is also true when I try to use Foxfi. I have tried the obvious, turning everything off and on again, turning data off and on again, making sure the internet works on my phone etc.Look forward to hearing any suggestions, Thanks, Paul

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"no connection" Google Play Store - downloading new apk likely to fix?

Monday 31st of March 2014 /
Getting "no connection" when I try to run Play Store app on my LG Optimus L9, rooted phone. I've tried everything I could find on various forums to fix this. Adjusted date/time, switched from manual date/time and back to auto from internet, deleted "hosts" file from the system/etc folder, emptied cache and wiped data from the app using titanium backup, and some other things I can't even remember now. I found a site where I could download a more current version of the Play Store app in an apk file and install it (AndroidPolice site). Is that likely to fix this "no connection" issue? I currently have android 4.1.2, and my Playstore app is 4.0.25. I've also wiped data and cleared cache and restored Google Play services. I haven't tried uninstalling either Play Services or Play Store because I'm afraid to do that. I did use Autorun Manager to make them not load on reboot, but that didn't change anything, so I set them back to automatically load. I also tried freezing them both and separately one at a time. Suggestions?

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Play Store: "No connection" after factory reset

Monday 05th of May 2014 /
I've got a GS3 Verizon running stock 4.3 (rooted). Everything was working fine, but the thing was running a little slow from all the random crap I had installed on it, so I figured it was time for an app purge. I ran a factory reset, and ever since then when I go to the Play Store, I get the dreaded "no connection" error. I've scoured the internet looking for a solution, and tried every remedy I find, even reflashing the rom (which of course does nothing) and running another factory reset.The error happens whether I'm on data or wifi. I have a tablet that works just fine on my network, so I'm pretty sure it's not a connectivity or router ports issue. All my other Google apps work fine except for Hangouts. And, of course, thanks to the joy that is the Knox locked bootloader, I can't just flash a different rom. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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Frequent "No Connection" alerts after Kit Kat update (4.4.2)

Wednesday 26th of November 2014 /
Ever since I installed the Kit Kat 4.4.2 update on my Galaxy Mini S4 (LTE), I keep getting an alert that appears every few seconds and says "No Connection". One thing I noticed is that, when on the mobile network alone, the Navigation app just doesn't work (it opens, but I can't select my current location or see my location history or search for a destination; the navigation app works fine when on WiFi). It all worked fine on Jelly Bean (4.2.2). Anyone else having this issue? Any idea what's going on?

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why does Google play store keep saying "no connection!"

Saturday 30th of May 2015 /
Every time I open my Google play store app, it keeps saying "no connection?" I've also looked through other threads and followed all the steps, like set the date and time correctly and manually, rebooting it, signing out then signing back in, and nothing works. Please help me I can't get any apps, I even tried getting them from the Google play browser and it won't recognize the device. Help me

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