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Wifi wont stay off

Sunday 18th of November 2012 /
i updated to 4.04 and now wifi turns on at random by itself. no matter what i do it wont stay off. this is on an lg lucid

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WiFi turns on by itself........what to DO?!?!?!?!?

Tuesday 26th of February 2013 /
I have gone into the WiFi advance setting and have changed them to the following: *NETWORK NOTIFICATION - UNCHECKED*KEEP WIFI ON DURING SLEEP - NEVER (INCREASES DATA USAGE)*CHECK FOR INTERNET SERVICE - UNCHECKED*WIFI TIMER - OFF Even if i have WiFi set to OFF I'll be driving/walk around and it will turn on by itself and advise me that it has found a WiFi signal and if i want to connect! It's funny cause where I WANT it to auto connect (like my house) I have to turn on the WiFi myself to get it going........funny to say the least. Has anyone out there ran into the same issue and solved it or found a work around? Please advise and thanks for your time!

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WiFi turns on all by itself

Saturday 23rd of March 2013 /
My Hydro suddenly started turning on the WiFi (and draining my battery faster, argh!) even when I turn off wifi, even after I installed an android app to turn off wifi. Wtf? Seems to have been happening after the phone did a boost mobile firmware update I wonder if that update is trying to save Boost money by trying to use wifi for bandwidth instead of the boost/sprint network? Any ideas how to fix this? Should I just reset the phone to factory condition and then avoid any updates like the plague? Frustrating, as I had a tweaked the phone to get a long battery life before this. I even uninstalled almost all my apps just in case they are doing something funky. Help? What can i do?

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random restart during youtube video playback....

Tuesday 26th of January 2010 /
i think this is the second time my phone has rebooted itself, i'm not certain about the first time it happened since i wasn't paying much attention to i was watching a youtube video with wifi turned on....some 5 mins into the video the phone froze then blacked out and restarted....come'on folks, is this what i left 3 years of blackberry use for ? seriously.....who do you blame in all this, android, motorola, both ? i want to give android a chance to grow on me and one of the compelling reasons for buying this phone is that it's got an OS that's linux-based as well as being actively updated frequently by the Android developers.i guess as it turns out, linux-based isn't even as good as other smartphone platforms out there, which is just a this point, i think i've experienced more hickups/nuances with Android and the Droid in one month of usage than i have experienced in 1 year of using Blackberry OS. this is not the kind of behavior i'd expect from a $ 500 phone, especially considering the ingrown importance a mobile smartphone has in my personal life.i wish that i don't

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Wifi turns on by itself

Saturday 11th of January 2014 /
This issue started ever since i installed the snapdragon battery guru app, which I later found out to be useless. I uninstalled the app and still my Wifi turns on by itself.. making me turn it off manually all the time.. what should I do?? Posted via Android Central App

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WiFi turns itself back on

Friday 30th of May 2014 /
I have an HTC one with Sprint carrier but have a problem with WiFi turning itself on. Notify is unchecked, WiFi optimization is unchecked, I've set it block certain Xfinity networks that I drive by often as well, but when I'm driving around using my phone GPS mapping I constantly get interrupted to sign into a WiFi network. I miss turn, drive by streets all the time because of this. It's not just the map because my kids watch YouTube when we go on drives and it still does it. Idt it's strictly a Verizon issue as suggested to another person's post. I've brought the phone into two different Sprint locations, spoken with Sprint tech support and called HTC support. Sprint techs say I must not be right because it's not supposed to do that. I say I know that's why I'm here complaining. HTC told me to send it to their repair center so they can check it out and they will fix or replace if needed but will leave me without a phone for 10-15 days. Any idea what if there's something they or I am missing?

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