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Cannot get 3g or wifi to work AT ALL

Tuesday 09th of March 2010 /
So I got the phone earlier today and for the life of me I cannot get 3G or wifi to work AT ALL.. (I have been looking up ways to fix it but no go) All I am getting is 2g with 3-5 bars and wifi will not work even though it saids I have an excellent connection. I like the phone alot but those 2 problems are making me want to return it I am hoping the lack of 3g can be fixed with an update? Unless it is just my location. As for wifi that is really frustrating me too, I have comcast and a netgear wireless router. Everything else, game systems, laptop, desktop has no problems.. Only the nexus one. Any help would be appreciated guys/gals. Thanks

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I have been trying to connect to the wifi at work with my Kobo

Saturday 02nd of March 2013 /
I have been trying to connect to the wifi at work with my Kobo Arc and have been unsuccessful. The arc detects the network, I typed in the password XXXXX times making sure there were no mistakes, but when I tap connect, nothing happens at all. My Kobo touch connects without any problem and so does my iPod touch. Is there any reason the arc won't?Optional Information: What have you tried so far?: I've tried forget network and retyped the password XXX I tried shutting down the device and turning it on again.

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Phone wont work with SIM card

Sunday 06th of November 2011 /
I bought a Nexus One from some dude on craigslist and it is unlocked. The phone works fine without a simcard in it but whenever i put my sim card in it, it would run for a short period of time and it will then go to a screen with a colorful "x" and an unlock icon and it wont get out of it. Im new to all this unlocking stuff and i just wanna know how can i get my phone to work properly with my SIM card?

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Anyone get WiFi Tethering/Hotspot to with ICS leak 232 to work?

Wednesday 15th of August 2012 /
Has anyone gotten WiFi tethering to work properly with ICS leak .232?I do not have tethering provisioned on my account, and when I try to activate Verizon's Mobile Hotspot, it errors telling me to call customer service.I tried the FoxFi app, and it starts up the hotspot intermittently, and it allows my laptop to connect, but it does not pass Internet connectivity.I tried WiFi Tether, and it just doesn't work. (Anyone know the proper Device-Profile to use?)WiFi Tether worked on .902 and .905 flawlessly, but since going to .232 it doesn't work.Suggestions?

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WiFi won't work together with 3G

Saturday 25th of December 2010 /
My new Droid X will not reach out on the internet when I have my Wi Fi connected to my router and 3G operating at the same time. Also, the Droid X will not connect to the router unless I have Auto IP enabled. When it does connect I can't reach the internet. If I disable WiFi then the 3G connection to the internet works. My wife's Droid X is configured exactly the same and her connections work just fine.

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USB Highgain wifi antenna wont work

Saturday 14th of January 2012 /
i have a sytabe7-2 with a dual 9db high gain usb wifi antenna and works good. how ever this pad sucks balls! i got a dropad A8 from china with a captive touch screen. its pretty fast. i dont like the ginger bread 2.3. i want honey comb3.0 i think. any way the wifi sucks on this thing and the usb wont work with my new pad. im pretty mad. any ways or cluse of what i can do. id love a new os. im a noob sorry

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wifi wont work

Thursday 17th of October 2013 /
I connected to my wifi, but the wifi wont turn green, it stays white. how can I turn it green?

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My Samsung Tab SM-T310's WiFi wont work though it says it's connected!

Wednesday 07th of May 2014 /
we have had our samsung tab for just under a year now and it's worked flawlessly until a few days ago.. at first, our problem was that the tab wouldn't charge or turn on, we couldn't figure out what happened to the tablet at all. so a few days later, we tried it again and the tablet turned on although it was at 0% charge.. we can only assume that an app caused a major lockup and draining the battery reset something. all the apps and everything seems to work fine at the moment.. except that now, the tablet is not getting any internet access what so ever on our home WIFI. on the home screen, the wifi icon shows full bars, but in the settings>WiFi portion, it says it's connected yet there is a padlock icon on the Wifi Image. i've done everything i can think of, we reset the router, forgot the network then connected again manually, and reset the tablet... i even went as far as to shut off all the electricity in the house for a few minutes through our power box, hoping that something in the house would reset in the event that it's not the tablet my Galaxy S3 phone is sitting right besi

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What chrome app is campatible to work together with galaxy note 10.1 and chrome notebook?

Wednesday 13th of May 2015 /
I am trying to download the chrome app to my tablet that is compatible to my chrome notebook

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Sunday 14th of June 2015 /
Can't connect to Wi-Fi at all how do I fix it?

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