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lost phone - Find a stolen Android device without sim card

Saturday 10th of March 2012 /
I'm looking for an app that could help me find/take pictures & record sound/ erase my data / block device if I lose my cell.I don't know if is it possible, but will be really useful if the app can work even if there is no sim inside the device/ switched off or have GPS/internet connection disabled.Thanks in advance!

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Android without data plan on tmobile

Sunday 05th of December 2010 /
I want to get an Android phone without a data plan. I know everyone says I can't do it but I can't. Yesterday I talked to tmobile through their live chat and I asked the lady if tmobile would force a data plan on me if I put my sim card into an Android phone and she said they don't do that.So I could buy an Android phone from Amazon or prepaid from tmobile and put my SIM card into it and I would still be able to call and text and they wouldn't force a data plan on me.My question is would I be able to use all the apps when I'm on a WiFi network? Would Google Maps work on WiFi? I'm wondering about this because I have a blackberry with no data plan now and it won't let me open messengers or Google Maps even when I'm on WiFi. Is Android different? Will I be able to use the App Store and apps on WiFi?I'm planning on getting the tmobile Comet

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Traveling to the Philippines w/ unlocked sim phone

Sunday 17th of July 2011 /
Hello,I've searched around for answers but could not find anything specific to my questions.So I'm traveling to the Philippines this fall, and like most of us, I cannot live without my android! I've been researching unlocked GMS sim phones. And found this one. Hero G9 - Dual SIM Android 2.2 Cell Phone w/ 3.5 Inch Touchscreen + WiFi - US$ 124.99It's unlocked for worldwide use and uses a sim card. I'm familiar with the GSM networks in the Philippines and i'm certain that they support the GSM frequencies that this phone uses. But my questions for anyone with personal experience or knowledge are the following.1: ) While i know that 3g connection is slim in the Philippines. How will the slower GSM network function on an android phone? Is it as simple as just buying a SIM capable of data, loading it, and connecting just the same as here in the states? or is there a lot of set up / setting changes on the phone that i'll have to make?2: ) If I am able to get the mobile data to work in The Philippines, will the android market be accessible? Will apps be able to access the internet to pull in

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google play store - Accessing Android Market using a US SIM card from outside US

Thursday 17th of November 2011 /
I have a Nexus S phone with Anroid 2.3 and a SIM card from a Canadian carrier. I want to download applications from Google's Android Market (e.g. Google Music) without rooting my phone from Canada. I want to know if the following will work:Replace the SIM card with a US SIM card (e.g. AT&T GoPhone) and then everything should work smoothly. Is that correct?

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Will ad-supported apps still work without a connection or SIM card?.

Sunday 16th of December 2012 /
Almost all of the Android apps I have installed come from Google Play and are ad-supported and thus, require the "internet connection" permission. I also have a number of paid ones.I was wondering though (out of nothing more than curiosity), what would happen if I suddenly dumped my carrier, turned off Wifi, removed the SIM card and left it like this for a month?...a year?. No connection. Nothing.Would the apps suddenly stop working after so many days (or perhaps launches)?. Would I one day be prompted by an alert telling me that an internet connection was needed so that a fresh batch of ads could be loaded?. Would the apps just suddenly cease to function one day (or become limited in functionality)?. I love my phone, am very satisfied with my carrier and have no plans to ditch my connection and I don't mind the ads at all (we all have to eat and pay bills). Also, no tinfoil hat here. Just curious and nothing else Does anyone know exactly how this works?.-Thanks, BJ

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Apps still work with sim card change?

Sunday 14th of August 2011 /
I'm looking at making the jump to an android phone and I'm wondering if I swap sim cards will all the apps I download will still function correctly? Really interested if the sms forwarding type apps will still work without fussing with changing settings every time I change sims as that's the big thing I need for my business.Incase anyone thinks I'm wanting to sms spam that's NOT the case I just need a phone that will forward the texts I receive to my email.

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Considering a N1 to tinker with, use with my iphone 4? SIM related

Thursday 29th of July 2010 /
I know the Nexus One doesn't use a micro sim, but doing some google searches I saw a reference to the fact that if you place the micro sim from the iphone 4 in the "right place" of the Nexus One it will work fine without an adapter. Does this sound remotely possible? I know I could buy an overpriced adapter or try and make my own but was just curious if I could just put the micro sim in the N1 somehow and call it a day. I love my iPhone 4 but it's kind of annoying I have a SIM card that will only work in that phone unless I use a work around. I'm sick of my POS Droid Eris work phone and want a respectable Android phone to play around with and switch back and forth with my iphone 4. Thanks for any help.

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Will a CLIQ function without a cell carrier...and are they readily unlockable?

Saturday 26th of December 2009 /
I'm looking at picking up a Moto CLIQ, with the primary intent of testing my own Android applications. The Android emulator doesn't quite cut it, as the app makes use of WiFi (which is not emulated). Not to mention that having an actual 1.5 device would probably be a very good idea to ensure a positive user experience on such devices.I'm basically wondering if it will work "normally" with an unregistered SIM card with WiFi turned on?I don't think I'd ever use this thing as a phone, except perhaps when traveling outside the US (hence the second question, can I unlock it and perhaps use prepaid sim cards from Euro carriers in it?)Thanks for any suggestions!(My apologies if this is an absurdly stupid question...I'm only asking this because an unbound stock out-of-the-box locked iPhone is 100% useless for any purpose).

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Android Forums - View Single Post - What smartphone/service do you get.

Thursday 19th of April 2012 /
I haven't seen anyone using it first hand but from a good source I've gathered that you can use the iPhone on ST.Information follows__________________________________________Thought I would do a quick how to.If you have a iPhone (3G, 3GS, 4) and want to use StraightTalk $45 unlimited WITHOUT!!! unlocking your phone, here is what you need to do.A few thing you should know1. Your phone does not need to be jailbroken to make calls, send plain text or use the internet! The only reason to jailbrake your phone is to make MMS work!2. Your phone does not need to be unlocked to make any of these thing work!3. All of this was tested on a iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, both on iOS 4.2.1, on the newest baseband. IF you have problems, upgrade to the newest IOS.Goto Walmart (And only Walmart!!! NOT EBAY, NOT CRAIGLIST!!!! WALMART!!!!!)and buy either a Nokia E71 or Nokia 6790 phone and a $45 unlimited card. Bring it home and activate it. (other phones will not work!!! only the e71 and 6790 comes with a compatible sim) Before you activate, make sure the sim card from either the E71 or 6790 says TF64PSIMC4

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Swapping SIM Card Between Nexus 5 and Other Phones

Wednesday 02nd of October 2013 /
I'm certainly not new to Android, but my Nexus 4 is the first GSM phone I've owned. Thinking through service options for the Nexus 5, I came up with a few questions about sharing a SIM card between two phones on AT&T. I'm currently using T-Mobile prepaid service. Assuming that the Nexus 5 supports LTE (a fairly safe assumption at this point), once I get the phone, I'm likely switching to AT&T for LTE service. It doesn't look like a prepaid Go Phone plan will work for me because of the 2 GB data limit. First question: can you bump the data up on a prepaid AT&T plan to around 5 GB/mo., or do you need to enter a new service agreement to get that much data each month? Assuming that I need a service agreement to get 5 GB or more allotted each month, I'm likely to get a second phone on subsidy. It wouldn't make sense to enter a two-year service agreement without getting a new phone. Second question: if I were to get an iPhone 5S on contract with AT&T, how much of a pain is it to swap the SIM card back and forth between that iPhone and a Nexus 5? I know I'd have to get a nan

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