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Can a bad ESN be saved?

Friday 27th of January 2012 /
I keep seeing phones for sale with the listing clearly stating it has a bad ESN and it's made me curious. Once a phone is stamped with a bad ESN for whatever reason, can it ever be re-flashed to have a "Good" ESN that a carrier, say Verizon for instance, will accept and allow the phone to be used on their network again? I understand that no one wants stolen phones out on the streets and that's one way to stop them from being used. I'm just curious as I see these phones being advertised on places like E-Bay or Craigslist for what look like high prices considering they're apparently useful only as an overpriced iPod type device with maybe WiFi services. Is a bad ESN phone only useful for parts now or is there some way to "rehabilitate" it and make it a phone again? (Hence the high prices some folks seem to want to pay for them)Just today's random question that's been bugging me.

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Will rooting my phone help my phone storage issue?

Saturday 21st of July 2012 /
Okay,so I've read a few threads and forum sites and I haven't found an answer yet,so here's my issue. Recently,I'd say a few months ago, my phone started to act up and say that I'm running low of phone storage. I've been using a cache cleaner app and a history eraser app to band aid it for now,but it's constantly popping up. These apps can show me how much space I have in total,and how much I have available. I have a total of 201.00MB and only about 21.00MB available..Now I never use my phone memory. I have an 8gb sd card that I use only. Now I know MANY people have the same problem,but I was wondering that if I root my phone,will I be able to fix this problem? Tl;Dr - Will rooting my phone fix the Notorious phone storage issue?

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Monday 16th of July 2012 /
Hi,I have a potential trade where the guy has a Galaxy Nexus he wants to trade. He said it was dropped once but says the phone works properly.The only thing is he said it has a bad ESN. I don't know that could be from the drop. Would rooting the phone fix the ESN issue?thanks for any help. I'm trading a pellet gun that I'm not that attached to soI'm willing to take somewhat of a risk.Tom

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will rooting fix....

Tuesday 25th of October 2011 /
I was curious if rooting would fix a few things on my phone. My time constantly changes, I have to go uncheck network time and then uncheck it to get the time back. For some reason I can't find any apps I search for, angry birds, amazon stuff, usaa mobile banking. Finally my WiFi drops all the time. At work and home. However, the laptop and tablet, and other cell phones in the home are still working. A question about rooting.... If I root can I stop there for now? Will everything still work, or will I have to flash drivers onto the phone to get certain programs to work again? Thanks for help.

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will rooting fix bad esn

Thursday 25th of August 2011 /
so i bought an evo from craigslist and called sprint to activate it and sprint says its still activated on another accound. so what are options?? if i root the phone will i be able to fix it. i also saw somewhere i can change the esn, does that mean i would take the esn from my broken lg and set it to the htc? thanks!

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Touchscreen Problems (will rooting fix???)

Sunday 21st of April 2013 /
since the day i got the phone the very top right (in portrait) and in landscape does not respond. and when in portrait mode the BACK button on the keyboard doesnt work, and if you think about it that can be very what i was thinking is when it gets rooted that replaces the touchscreen code correct? so would it fix my problem? ive been planning on rooting it for sometimes now since i got it just havent had time, and if it helps, my phone is on virgin mobile, but it says sprint on the front, and doesnt say virgin on the back, purchased new like this from wal mart, and i would take it back but i had to drive very far just to get the phone, any help would be great before i read up and root, i came from a triumph so its way different

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Will rooting fix my reboots after this OTA update?

Friday 27th of May 2011 /
So, Verizon finally got me a replacement phone that didn't have serious hardware issues, but the OTA is already installed and the reboots started right away. I'm so frustrated. If I root this thing, can I remove the OTA and make it more stable? If so, what is the best place for instruction and what is the best "rom" to use? I rooted my OG Droid because I just like messing with stuff, but it got very unstable...I don't want that to happen again. Thanks for the advice guys...

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will rooting fix galaxy s4 wifi issue

Wednesday 15th of January 2014 /
I have the classic galaxy s4 wifi issue where my wifi is extremely weak and consistently drops its signal. Ive done all the factory reset stuff and talked to someone at my Verizon store where he told told me it was a common bug in Android 4.3. Apparently once 4.4 comes to the galaxy s4 the issue should fix. So my question is, if i instal Cyanogenmod, or some other custom Rom, would that fix my wifi issue? Obviously if the issue is hardware then it will not fix it, but if its software, would this idea work? Thanks!

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Will an unpaid bill on a "no contract" phone lead to bad ESN?

Wednesday 06th of August 2014 /
Hello, I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 (Virgin Mobile) from a week ago and planned on using it for WiFi stuff only. I didn't want to activate it until now for curiosity. After registering for an account on the Virgin Mobile website, the phone was successfully activated. I hadn't buy any plans from them yet, because I opted to buy one later, and now got a bill for $35. If I ignore this $35 bill just so the phone can deactivate itself, will the phone get a bad ESN?

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Nexus 7 is really laggy and slow. Will rooting fix it?

Wednesday 24th of September 2014 /
I have owned a nexus 7 2012 for about a year now, and it just seems like it has slowed down a lot. It lags while swiping through home screens, opening apps, etc and I can't find a fix. I have tried uninstalling the apps I don't use and I have wiped the cache partition (which sped it up for a day, then it returned to normal). I am currently running android 4.4.4, I use nova launcher (it may be the launcher that is slowing down, I'm not completely sure), and the tablet only has 1 gig of ram. Whenever I check my home screen, a ram monitor widget shows that I am using about 0.7 gigs even though there are next to no apps running. So my main question is, will rooting speed up the device, or is there an easier alternative?

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