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I tether my Motorola Droid A855 to my laptop with a USB cable

Friday 09th of November 2012 /
I tether my Motorola Droid A855 to my laptop with a USB cable and PDA Net. Today I had Office Depot install Windows 8 to replace Windows 7. I can't get online now as the laptop does not recognize the A855 device. Apparently Windows 8 has not been set up to include the A855 as a device. How can I get around this problem?Optional Information: Type of Device: PhoneModel: Motorola Droid A855What have you tried so far?: Tried to connect my A855 to my laptop with usb tether. Worked great with Windows 7 but today installed Windows 8 and it does not recognize the A855 so I can't log on.

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How do I tether with Windows 8?

Saturday 05th of January 2013 /
Just got my wife a laptop for Christmas. It has Windows 8. Tried to Bluetooth tether and it won't connect. I can send files from phone to computer, just can't use data. Also, I tried to tether with usb. Phone would charge but the computer would not recognize the phone. I am trying to use phone's software to connect. I am on ICS. I know there are apps to tether, but it appears they have trouble with ICS as well. I am on Verizon if that makes a difference. Tried in both 3G and 4G areas. One last note, I can connect with usb and Bluetooth on Windows 7 laptop. Thanks for any help. I have searched forums but mostly found info from before Windows 8 was officially released so there was really no help.

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tethering to windows 8

Friday 24th of August 2012 /
Has anyone try to tether to windows 8 yet? If so was there any problems. I am running ICS on a Maxx. Thanks for any input

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Droid Eris tether usb drivers on Windows 8

Monday 17th of September 2012 /
You can actually get Droid Eris tether usb drivers on Windows 8 to work by turning off driver signing. Once you are in Windows 8 after disabeling the driver signing, the driver goes right in for the usb connectivity. Just use your type of installer for PdaNet x86 or x64, and PdaNet puts the correct drivers in for the ADB conflict in device manager. 1. From windows 8 control panel choose General –> Under “Advanced Startup” –> Restart now. Now the system will restart and might take some minutes to show up the boot menu. Wait for It patiently. After some time you will be prompted with a menu with following options. 1. Continue 2. Troubleshoot 3. Turn off Choose Troubleshoot Then the following menu appears. Refresh your PCReset your PCAdvanced OptionsChoose Advanced Options Then the following menu appears System RestoreSystem Image RecoveryAutomatic RepairCommand PromptWindows Startup settingsChoose Windows Startup Settings, then Click Restart. Now the computer will restart and the boot menu appears. Choose “Disable Driver signature Enforcement”

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PDANet with Windows 8 Release Preview?

Tuesday 11th of September 2012 /
I've got a Verizon HTC Thunderbolt, and I USB tether (via PDANet) as my only home internet access. I've tried downloading and installing PDANet (through a different laptop with Windows 7), but have been unable to get it to work successfully with Windows 8 RP. Has anyone else tried this and get it to work? Thanks,jaydee

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Samsung Drivers - Windows 8 - Problems

Wednesday 20th of March 2013 /
I've installed the drivers for the Nexus S 4g which I downloaded from Samsung's site (Samsung_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones_v1.5.14.0). Still, when I tether my phone to my Windows 8 laptop, I get "USB device not recognized". (When I plug into a Windows 7 laptop, no problem). I've googled and googled and read everything I can find but no resolution. In Control Panel / Device Manager, the device shows up as "Unknown Device". I know there are other ways to get content on the phone to the laptop and vice versus, but I would like to use a tethering app (that I can use on Windows 7 laptop) but I can't because the device is not reconigzed, even with what Samsung says is the correct drivers. Any ideas at all? I've exhausted everything I know to try or have read on forums.

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Windows 8 Tether?

Sunday 14th of July 2013 /
Hello all,I searched through the threads on this topic already a bit, but didn't find much that was useful/applied to me.I have a Droid Razr M running 4.1.2, which I just successfully rooted today. I installed the Wifi Tether TrevE Mod app today to try and tether my new Windows 8 tablet (Asus VivoTab Smart), and have so far not had any success. The wifi network is broadcasting from my phone, and my tablet picks it up, but only connects to the "limited" connectivity level, or depending on the settings in-app, won't connect at all. I've seen a few places that I might have to enable ad-hoc networking, which I haven't tried yet.Does anyone have tips for the configuration settings I need for the app or for Win8 to make wifi tethering work?

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Wifi or usb tether not working. "limited connection" windows 8

Sunday 22nd of September 2013 /
Hi, I am trying to tether my zte t760 (telstra touch 2) to my windows 8 laptop. The phone is not rooted but is unlocked using a code and is now on optus. I tether using my other phone fine, with no problems. Also when I tether with the zte and connect to the network using my other phone it is unable to connect to the internet so I assume the problem lies with the zte. I have tried tethering using the android stock method both wifi and usb. Both my laptop finds and connects to but has "limited" access and is unable to connect to the internet. This is also true when I try to use Foxfi. I have tried the obvious, turning everything off and on again, turning data off and on again, making sure the internet works on my phone etc.Look forward to hearing any suggestions, Thanks, Paul

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wifi tethering to Windows 8 issue

Tuesday 07th of January 2014 /
I have a Motorola Atrix HD with AT&T and just got a new Gateway laptop with Windows 8 and cant tether it to my phone. I get a connection but cant access the internet, it doesn't even say limited access most of the time. kind of flips back and forth between limited and connected. It worked fine on old computer with Windows Vista and it works if I tether with a usb but not over wifi. I have disabled firewall, disabled Avast internet security and tried numerous other things. I have no issues with any other wifi connections and other devices can connect to my phones wifi but not this one with windows 8. I cant figure this one out people.

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PdaNet + Windows 8 + WiFi Connection problems (Not Rooted)

Tuesday 22nd of July 2014 /
First of all I hope I have this posted in the correct forum area and have looked over in the forum using the search function to seek a solution but no luck with it. Second Let me thank you for your help in advance. The problem I have is as stated above that I cannot connect my laptop to WiFi using PdaNet on a Google Nexus 5 on a Windows 8 laptop. I have been using it before and all of the sudden it stopped working. It works fine if I use the USB Tether but the problem is that all the USB Ports in this laptop are loose and I lose connection thus why I was using the WiFi feature in PdaNet. I have run out of ideas what to do and I have even done a system restore. I you would be so kind as to tell me what to check for next I would be more than in debt with you since is a pain in the **** to use the USB Tether option. Thanks Jeff

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