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Youtube app wont load videos

Friday 09th of December 2011 /
My youtube app on my phone will play lets say 2 videos out of the 10 I play, I have a thunderbolt that iv'e had for a year, and have done a factory reset on the phone. It is really starting to get irritating because its a great phone but it just loads and loads the video without ever working, any ideas? Thanks!!

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Videos wont play on Ployer MOMO9 :<

Wednesday 06th of June 2012 /
Hey, hows it going?I can't get my Ployer MOMO9 to play videos - it has ICS on it.I've tried loads of players such as QQ, MOBO, MX; and formats such as MP4 from itunes, and (legit) DVD files.I either get a "sorry, cannot play video" message, or I get a load of gobledygook images with the timeline running minutes every second.When i tried to rent from google play, and downloaded the google player it gave me " it tells me rentals arent available because it appears to have been rooted.I am a novice and don't know what that means.Any help would be appreciated - my kids are giving me grief over this...

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Video problems

Tuesday 26th of January 2010 /
I got my moto droid sunday and I absolutely love it besides one problem. Videos simply do not work (youtube viewed from browser, native app, native widget and any movie in any format I load onto the phone). They will usually play fine for a few seconds and then display a message saying sorry this video could not be played. I tried youtube before installing anything on the phone and the only thing I put on the phone before my first few tries with loading video was music and beautiful widgets. As far as loaded videos, I use handbrake and have tried the ipod/iphone preset, no preset and played around with settings in the ipod legacy pre set. I have loaded different videos in MPEG, MPEG4 and MP4 and have even tried loading trailers I found on droidforums that were "optimized for moto droid". The video either shows up in the gallery and doesnt work or wont show up in the gallery at all but will show up in astro with the same results . I hope someone here can help me get video to work because everything else on this phone is flawless

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movies. Sooo frustrated!!! Aaarrggghh!

Friday 09th of April 2010 /
Ok, i have a nexus one and i love it. I have never had any major issues, its a great device. Ok, now thats out of the way, on to my problem....So im going to be going on a long vacation, so to speak, and im trying to load up some media on my nexus before I leave. I use a bit torrent client for android, and as far as music goes I have no problems, but im trying to load some movies and tv shows on here and they download fine, and they are mp4 's, which should be compatable right? But when i try to open them it says sorry video cant be played...Every single time. I cannot use a computer, because mine is currently indisposed. You would think one would be able to download and play videos and movies right from the phone, and with my bit torrent client for android it is possible, but the damn things will not open. I have spent numerous hours trying to find and download movies that should be compatable with my nexus, and you can understand my frustration when they wont open... Can someone help me?

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Storage Problems....

Monday 18th of June 2012 /
Hi everyone, its my 1st "Help" post. I have an Note LTE from AT&T which im using here in the Philippines. Love the phone!!! Ive installed an additional 32Gb SD Card for my extra stuff. After installing some pics, over 1400 songs and about 10 Videos, ive used up only 23Gb out of the 32Gb on the Card. But for some reason, when i try to open my Music Icon, it wont open & i keep getting a "Not enough Memory" alert though im not trying to load any more music rather, just wanted to listen to them.After plugging my Note to the KIES Program to sync my Note, it shows that the Internal Memory is close to the Max of 10.8GB and im on 10.7 ?!?!? I dont get it, ive only downloaded Skype, Battery Saver Pro, and Temple Run on my Note. On the Phone Storage settings, it shows the 32Gb at 22Gb used, the internal @ 1.79GB available BUT my USB Storage @ 10.79 use with a Max of 10.83?!?! Whats that? Do i click the "Format" option right below that or do i risk losing all of my Phones files or worse, crashing??? Ive already done a Full Reset on the Phone just to bring t

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Youtube app wont open on my hero

Saturday 18th of December 2010 /
I am using the HTC hero and when I click on the youtube app the screen will go black and look like it is about to load but rather than displaying anything it just reverts back to the home screen. I have tried using it over wifi and same result. I can access youtube and watch videos through it fine on the internet browser but the actual youtube app wont even load up beyond the initial black screen. Has anyone experienced anything like this or have any suggestions or solutions. Thanks.

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Images/ Videos wont load

Friday 24th of January 2014 /
Apps like snapchat and iFunny have stopped loading pictures and videos altogether, I've tried to re install both the "infected" apps, but to no avail. I've also have tried both on separate Wi-Fi's but with no affect as well. Any advice would be great, thanks.

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