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[APN] Setting for Straight Talk

Thursday 05th of April 2012 /
Here is the correct APN Setting for Straight talk users! This will give you mms and internet!First download Apn Backup and Restore app from app store, and delete all existing APNs. Then manually enter APNs. In android you must have 2 apns setup for mms to work (at least in my case).Here are my settings:NameHOMEAPNatt.mvnoLeave everything else alone EXCEPT the bottom selection that says:APN type (here you must enter the following)default,suplThen save, next choose to add another APNmake it look like this:NameMMSAPNatt.mvnoskip down to MMSChttp://mmsc.cingular.comMMS proxyproxy.mvno.tracfone.comMMS port 80skip to:APN type (enter the following)mms THEN SAVEYou will see that only one APN has the option to be chosen, that is ok, Just choose the one that is able to be chosen.Now go back to Homescreen and then reboot your phone. This works for me, hope it can help you. I tried a hundred different ways and this was it. Capitalisation is important, and the APN type was the trick. GOOD LUCK and let me know if it worked for you.Note:With this setting once in a while 3G will cut in and out, but

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Samsung Galaxy Precedent Headed for Straight Talk Wireless

Monday 22nd of August 2011 /
A new prepaid Android is headed our way, this time courtesy of Walmart’s Straight Talk. The Samsung Galaxy Precedent is priced at an uber-affordable 0 without any sort of contractual obligations attached. For per month, Straight Talk provides a plan with unlimited text, voice, and web access. Galaxy Precedent probably isn’t the most aptly named device, as it isn’t exactly seeting any sort of precedent for prepaid handsets with its 800MHz CPU, 3.2-inch touchscreen, and Android 2.2 build. What you are looking at is basically a re-labeled Samsung Prevail (available through Boost Mobile). But with service tied into AT&T’s 3G network, the combinati…Continue Reading HereSamsung Galaxy Precedent Headed for Straight Talk WirelessKevin Krause –

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Unlocking/Rooting for Straight Talk?Dummy here

Thursday 20th of June 2013 /
Yall have been so great about helping me in the past. I am clueless when it comes to rooting, unlocking etc. Verizon already told me they don't unlock for use on other carriers. I need, and can't find, a step by step guide on how to do whatever I need to do to this Droid 4 to make it work for Straight Talk. The issue seems to be that when I tap to select Network provider, T-Mobile/ATT doesn't show up like it did on my son's HTC Incredible 2. I read a thread that showed how to do it, but most of that is over my head.Can anyone help a poor dumb woman out with this? The phone says Android version 4.0.4 so I'm assuming that's ICS? And from what I've read, your phone has to be Jellybean before you can do it to ICS. Somebody please help?Thanks

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APN for Fusion 2 For straight talk

Tuesday 10th of September 2013 /
What APN settings should be used for the Huawei Fusion 2 for straight talk? I have an APN set that allows me to make calls and send text messages but the 3g doesn't seem to be working and I am not able to send or recieve picture messaging

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ZTE Majesty Z796C for Straight Talk Text Messaging Problems

Saturday 14th of December 2013 /
Whenever I receive text messages, they are all dated 12/31/1969. When I open them, they show the correct date. Why do they initially show 12/31/69? Thanks!

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ZTE Majesty (Z796C) internal mic disabled with headphones plugged in

Saturday 08th of March 2014 /
I have a ZTE Majesty Z796C phone on the straighttalk network (Verizon towers). The current android OS on it is 4.1.2. When I first got this phone, I could plug it into a headphone adapter (audio cassette) so I could listen to MP3 music in my car. When someone called, the music would stop and I could talk to the person (I can hear them thru the car speakers) and they could hear me just fine. I noticed when in-call, the "speakerphone" button on the screen was greyed out so I could not select it. However, recently when I was traveling and doing this, when a person calls they cannot hear me but I can hear them fine thru the car speakers. I noticed on the screen the speakerphone button is available to select now. But if I select it, the caller can be heard from the phone's speaker instead of thru the car radio's speakers. I noticed with my cassette adapter or any set of regular headphones plugged into the phone, the icon that appears at the top of the screen is that of a headphone set with microphone - not just headphones icon. Mechanical problem with the headphone jack on t

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ZTE Majesty Z796C Touchscreen locks up

Tuesday 20th of May 2014 /
I have not found this problem on the Internet and I fear the worst. The touchscreen on my ZTE Majesty Z796C locks up a short while after booting up. There is heat in the area of the camera. I checked the battery and it's ok. I suspect a hardware problem (a short or something) where the phone heats up to the point where the touchscreen shuts down. Pull the battery and let it cool for five minutes and it works fine . . . for a few minutes. Has anyone heard of this problem? I figure I will have to return it to Straighttalk . . . which could take days. Unfortunately, I am a professional truck driver and I need my phone and the various apps for navigating and dodging tornados. I know I can transfer photos and contacts to the memory card, but can I transfer text messages or apps? How does one do this? Thanks

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Hands-on with Alcatel OneTouch Pop Mega LTE for Straight Talk

Alcatel OneTouch will have three devices heading to Straight Talk soon. The Pop Mega LTE is one of them and we played with it for a bit last night in New York. It features a 6-inch qHD display, 1.2GHz quad-core processor, a long-lasting 3400mAh battery, 8-megapixel camera, and supports 4G LTE. Go watch our hands-on video!Specs6-inch qHD (540 x 960 pixels)8MP Camera with Autofocus, 2MP front facing cameraAndroid 4.3Quad Core 1.2GHz CPU, 1GB RAM4GB internal memory plus microSD slot3400 mAh batteryThe Alcatel OneTouch Pop Mega LTE comes with the Buddy, which is a Bluetooth-connected device. It will allow you to extend the usage of the Pop Mega, so you can leave the phablet in the bag and still send or receive text messages, phone calls, calendar alerts, and more on the Buddy.The Alcatel OneTouch Pop Mega LTE will be available starting in October for Straight Talk. It will be available for under $250. Who would you recommend this device to? What do you think of the complementary Buddy? Let us know in the comments!

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2 ZTE Majesty Z796C 1st USB not recognized, 2nd powers off at lock screen & constant rolling reboot.

Sunday 04th of January 2015 /
I have2 ZTE Majesty model Z769C (straight talk) phones,l both have started having a specific issues, any help would be appreciated. Android os version 4.1.2 on both. The 1st phone is mine i use it to take pictures and download those to my pc or rather I did (PC - Windows & Home Premium 64 bit with all updates, Fresh clean instal no viruses, genuine not illegal etc), These 2 have always gotten along perfect until recentaly twhen the pc would occasionally give me the "USB device not recognized" message, it contiunally got worse until it was every time I connect the phone to it. I have so far tried updating all drivers/updates for all software on both, even contacing ZTE (no help there), I have done a factory reset on the phone, I have formated and reloaded my pc (even trying it before installing any antivirus or other software just the windows os with the same issue), have tried my laptop and other computers with the same issue, & of course different data/charging USB cables again same issue. I have tried the USB debugging on both under settings > developer option

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ZTE majesty Z796C straight talk android phone wifi wont turn on

Tuesday 17th of March 2015 /
i have a straight talk zte majesty Z796C version 4.1.2 i have never been able to turn wifi on . i tap it to turn it on and all it does is flash and never completly turns on or connects what is going on ??

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